Hemp Seeds – How They’re Good For You And The Farmers

Hemp seeds have been used throughout history for their fantastic benefits and multiple uses, but to really understand this magnificent crop we have to first take a look at the basics. Hemp seeds come from the hemp plant, which is a variation of the cannabis plant. One major difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is that hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or THC, so you can’t get high from hemp oil, nor can you grow weed from hemp seeds. 

Let’s take a look at how hemp seed oil can improve your life while also helping out farmers in developing countries.

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How hemp seed helps farmers

Hemp is an ancient plant, it’s a variety of the cannabis plant that’s been used as a fibre for over 50,000 years with farmers across the globe cultivating this adaptable and functional plant. Hemp is an attractive crop to small scale farmers in developing countries as well as on an industrial level around the world.

Hemp seed sales help farmers in rural areas

There are a number of variations of hemp plants that have been selectively bred to thrive in a range of conditions and countries, making the plant accessible for farmers. India and China account for over 44% of the worlds hemp seed exports bringing vital funds to the local economy. China’s hemp seed farms are predominantly in remote areas of provinces to the far north and far west, far away from the major economic hubs of Beijing and Shanghai, bringing much-needed industry to the local people.

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Hemp seed sales help boost local economies

Your hemp seed purchase has a lasting impact, once the money enters these remote economies it stays there helps improve the standard of living. The farmer’s profits are spent on local produce, supporting other small businesses and improving their family’s standard of living.

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Hemp seed farming can be sustainable

Farming hemp seeds is also seen as a sustainable form of farming. Hemp is sown, grown and harvested in four months which is great news for farmers. Not only does this allow for greater turnover, but it also allows the farmers to rotate their crops which restores nutrients to the land, making hemp seed farming a sustainable option. 

Farmers and buyers also love that hemp is a resilient plant and often requires very little, or no use of herbicides and pesticides. Planting hemp seeds can also prevent soil erosion. Deforestation, excessive use of chemicals and overgrazing can all lead to soil erosion with the nutrients of the soil being blown away. Hemp helps prevent this as its long roots anchor the soil together preventing damage.

Hemp farming – growing hemp for a sustainable environment

How hemp seed helps you

Hemp seed is the swiss army knife of crops. Spin it into clothes, use it in cooking, treat ailments with it and even improve the appearance of your skin. There are lots and lots of hemp seed products out there and a dizzying array of potential benefits. Here’s our pick for the most useful hemp seeds benefits.

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  • Benefits of hemp seed oil on hair

You’ll find lots of hair products online containing hemp seed oil, ranging from serums and oils to masks and conditioners. Scientific research on the benefits of hemp seed oil on hair is still in its infancy, so results are hard to find. However, there are countless reports from customers praising hemp seed oil for making their hair shiny, revives damaged hair and can even help thicken hair.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for babies

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil does not contain THC, it can not get you high, so it's safe to use for kids and babies. It’s packed with proteins, which are essential for growing kids. Adding a few spoonfuls to their food is a great way to work it into their diet. It’s also a fantastic source of iron and fatty acid for your little ones.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil on your skin

Much like CBD, hemp is known to have rejuvenating and refreshing effects on our skin. Pick up a cream, moisturiser or mask and work it into your regular skincare routine and see the improvements. Hemp manages the oil production of our skin, without clogging up our pores, it’s used to treat acne and psoriasis, and it even has anti-ageing properties.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for PMS

Hemp seed oil is an alternative way to treat period cramps in an all-natural way. As the uterus contracts, it can become inflamed causing severe pain over a long period of time. Hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties can help ease this pain and allow you to continue on with your day.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil on pets

Our pets are a cherished part of our family, so it’s no surprise that we want to treat them as well as possible. Dogs and cats suffer from skin conditions just like humans and they can be treated with hemp seed oil products. Pet owners also rave about the effects of hemp seed oil on their fur, making their coats shine.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil on teeth

Swap your regular toothpaste out for hemp toothpaste and see the results of using this natural ingredient. Soothe your sensitive teeth and gums thanks to hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties and get back to eating the food you enjoy. Fight off tooth decay thanks to hemp toothpaste’s antibacterial ability and with prolonged use you may even notice an improvement in your tooth enamel.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for weight management

Hemp seed oil doesn't make you gain weight, in fact, adding a cold pressed hemp seed oil to your diet has shown that it can increase metabolism in the small intestine and help us to lose weight. This means that our body will naturally burn off calories quicker. Hemp oil is also high in healthy fats, this can make the user feel fuller helping us improve our portion sizes.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for anxiety

Hemp’s Omega-3 fatty acid has been linked with helping people reduce their anxiety without the need for additional medicine. Omega-3 improves brain activity, making it easier for people to handle periods of anxiousness and even help treat people who suffer from PTSD.    

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for the brain

Hemp contains cannabinoids, similar to what you find in CBD oil, which can trigger receptors in your brain, potentially fighting off bouts of depression and anxiety. Hemp seed oil is also high in magnesium which is more good news for your brain, this helps improve neurotransmitter function, giving us a sense of calm.  

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for the heart

Arginine, a useful amino acid, allows our bodies to create more nitric oxide. This gas helps our blood vessels to open up and relax, encouraging blood flow through our bodies which scientists believe can help reduce your risk of heart disease. There are also encouraging signs from tests on animals that hemp seeds can reduce high blood pressure and blood clots.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for pain

Thanks to its great anti-inflammatory properties, hemp seed oil is also effective in pain management. Applying a few drops of oil to the afflicted areas and gently rubbing in gives hemp oil the chance to reduce swelling and eases pain. Hemp seed oil is a great natural alternative to pain medication.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for lips

Lips are delicate and sensitive parts of our bodies and the skin in this area is often very thin. Adding a lip balm with hemp in it is an easy way to protect them. Hemp oil adds a lot of moisture to your skin as well as helpful omega fats and linoleic acid. When our lips are healthy and moisturized they look fuller and plumper, as well as feeling much better.

  • Benefits of hemp seed oil for nails

Hemp seed oil can help your nails grow, make them strong and keep them looking healthy for longer. High in Vitamin E, hemp repairs cracked cuticles and prevents our nails from yellowing. Add in some magnesium to your nail care routine with hemp oil and watch your nails grow back smoother and stronger.

Health benefits of CBD
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Hemp seeds side effects

Like with any supplement, there’s a small chance that you might experience some of the side effects associated with hemp seed oil, although these are few and far between.

  • Hemp allergy

Some people are naturally allergic to hemp seed oil and should not use hemp seed oil products. People have noticed rashes developing and itchy eyes. If you experience these problems talk to your doctor or dermatologist about swapping to a product that treats your issue without the side effects.

  • Dry mouth

Hemp oil is naturally very low in cannabinoids, but it’s not safe to assume that there are no cannabinoids present whatsoever. A dry mouth is when saliva production decreases leaving your mouth feeling dry. If you experience dry mouth it might be due to the presence of cannabinoids.

  • Diarrhoea

In studies on CBD oil use in Germany, there were very small instances of people suffering from diarrhoea. As CBD oil has quite a lot more cannabinoids than hemp seed oil it’s safe to assume that the risk of diarrhoea is much smaller with hemp seed oil.

  • Drowsiness

One of the popular uses of hemp seed oil is to treat anxiety by making us more relaxed, for some people this effect can be very strong and make the user feel drowsy instead. If hemp seed oil makes you drowsy, lower your dose and don’t drive or operate machinery until the drowsiness passes.

  • Low blood pressure

Cardiovascular studies on people taking large doses of CBD oil have noticed a lowering of blood pressure, with some hemp seed oil users noticing the same issue. For some, this actually may be a good thing, but if you have normal or low blood pressure you will need to monitor this. If in doubt, speak with your doctor about your options.

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Cooking with hemp seeds

When it comes to cooking with hemp seeds, many chefs call them hemp hearts so be put off making that delicious new recipe. There are two main ways that people eat hemp seeds, sprinkling over their favourite meal, like a hearty porridge or fresh salad or working it into a dish like hemp crepes or cocoa and hemp protein balls.

For an added boost to your health kick, go with whole grain hemp seeds and work even more fibre, vitamins and nutrients into your diet. Avoid anything labelled as cracked hemp seeds, shelled hemp seeds or hulled hemp seeds as these contain fewer nutrients. You can eat hemp seed shells, so we recommend doing so to get all the nutrients.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to eat hemp seeds.

  • Crunchy avocado and apple

Cut a ripe avocado in two and scoop out the indeed. Mix the avocado in a bowl with diced apple, celery, almonds and toasted hemp seeds. Fill the avocado skin with the mixture, quickly grind some hemp seeds with a mortar and pestle and sprinkle over the top. The perfect, quick summer salad.

  • Tofu and hemp vegan burger

Perfect for the summer barbeque, these vegan hemp burgers are a guaranteed hit. Lightly toast hemp seed oil in a pan and add. In a separate bowl combine the tofu with beans, onion, celery, garlic, parsley, yeast flakes and tomato paste. Work into the shape of a burger, dip in the toasted hemp seeds and get the grill ready!

  • Hemp pesto

Whip up this easy and tasty pesto and add a splash of flavour to your meals. Toast hemp seeds over a low heat and add them to a blender with pine nuts, basil, garlic, lemon juice, oregano and parmesan. Slowly pour in hemp oil until you get your desired consistency. Store in a jar in the fridge to keep it fresher for longer.

Hemp seeds nutrition

Now that you’ve got your new favourite hemp seed recipe, let’s take a look at the nutritional benefits of hemp seed. Scientific research shows that in every 20g of hemp seeds contains:

  • 111 calories
  • 6.31 g of protein
  • 9.75 g of fat
  • 1.73 g of carbohydrates
  • 14 mg of calcium
  • 1.59 mg of iron
  • 140 mg of magnesium
  • 330 mg of phosphorus
  • 240 mg of potassium
  • 1.98 mg of zinc
  • 22 mcg of folate

For those of us that aren’t scientists, this means that hemp seeds are high in protein, magnesium, fat (the good ones) as well as some vitamins.

How to buy hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are readily available on the high street and online. Whether you’re buying hemp seeds or a cold-pressed hemp seed oil, there are a few things to look out for. Avoid shelled hemp seeds where possible, decide if you want to buy organic hemp seeds and do your research, see where your money is going as your purchase here can have a huge impact on farmers in China and India.

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