Hemp toilet paper might save our asses (Literally)

Hemp is useful in so many ways. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s sustainable, and it requires no fertilizers or pesticides.

And environmentalists think that it might prove a capable ally in the fight against climate change.

Reasons to love hemp toilet paper

Believe or not, hemp toilet paper is actually far cheaper to manufacture than regular toilet paper. This is because it uses less energy and chemicals.

Toilet paper requires only the cellulose part of a plant to make. Trees are 30% cellulose, while hemp is 85% cellulose.

Hemp is also incredibly biodegradable, more so than regular toilet paper which can take up to three years to decompose.

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Hemp helps climate change

It’s sad to think but all that toilet paper is contributing to mass deforestation.

Hemp, on the other hand, replicates far faster than trees which take seven years to mature enough for harvesting and processing. Hemp can do the same in 70 days.

Traditional paper manufacturing is destroying the world

35% of trees are cut down to satisfy our demand for paper. A quarter of the solid waste you find in landfills is from pulp and paper mills.

In the United States, one person uses 50lbs of toilet paper a year. This leads to 20% of all toxic air waste from pulp and paper production.

It’s no wonder that environmentalists think hemp is a safe alternative. Making the switch would save millions of trees and, potentially, our planet.

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