Top 7 CBD flower strains in the UK

CBD has seen a surge in popularity over the last 12 months with a recent survey showing over 6 million people in the UK having tried it in one form or another.

The most popular method for consumers to add CBD into their diet is in the form of tinctures, topicals, and edibles. Prior to recent times when CBD was on the fringes of consumer awareness, CBD flower reigned as the product of choice for hemp advocates.

Top 7 CBD flower strains in the UK

The Extract performed a thorough search of the UK CBD flower market and have returned with a formidable list of the highest quality CBD flower available in the UK today.

Each item listed has been tested by an independent lab for cannabinoids with readily available certificates showing the exact amount of each cannabinoid present. All THC-Free.

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7. Gelato 41 CBD Flower 13%

This award-winning CBD flower has a deliciously sweet flavour due to the density of natural terpenes in its molecular make-up. Expect a creamy, strawberry and raspberry-infused taste.

6. Endo Kush CBD Flower 15%

This aesthetically beautiful, dense flower has bright orange and green buds that deliver an earthy/woody almost sweet taste that is second to none.

A popular flower, Endo Kush is rich in cannabinoids and contains 150 mg of premium CBD – particularly well known for its calming effects.

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5. Tangie CBD Flowers 19%

This fragrant flower contains a high content of the limonene terpene which is why it has such an inviting citrus fragrance and taste. Value hunters will appreciate its generously packed buds which offer incredible taste, a smooth draw, and 190 mg of pure potent CBD.

4. Adriatic Haze CBD Flower 17%

A fabulous flower with citrus notes and an earthy sweetness enveloped in mild hints of spice.

Adriatic Haze is a potent hybrid strain with 170 mg of CBD together with other well-known cannabinoids such as CBDA and THCA.

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3. Super Sour Diesel 14.5%

Arguably the most well-known flower on this list, super sour diesel is a special hybrid strain of super silver haze and sour diesel.

A smooth tasting flower bursting with citrus fruits, pepper, and a fuel-like scent. A light-coloured flower with yellow hues and large buds containing 145 mg of CBD.

2. Pistachio CBD Flower 20% CBD

A sweet, nutty flavoured flower with striking cannabinoid crystals that contain one of the highest amounts of CBD on the market at an incredible 200 mg.

1. OG Kush CBD 11%

OG Kush is a familiar flower to many and ranks highly on our list because it is packed full of natural aromatic terpenes such as linalool and lavender with an earthy taste that stimulates the palate.

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How does CBD oil differ from CBD flower?

CBD oil is a more concentrated, refined form of CBD flower.

When the hemp plant reaches maturity it produces flowers that are rich in trichomes. These small crystals contain cannabinoids of which CBD is the most dominant.

The majority of manufacturers extract CBD oil from the flower and deliver it to consumers in a more user-friendly manner such as tinctures, capsules etc.

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Is CBD flower legal in the UK?

CBD oil is 100% legal in the UK yet CBD flower which has an identical molecular make-up has been left in limbo.

CBD oil is readily available on the high street, yet in the recent past, authorities have confiscated CBD flower from hemp stores. The assumption is that because of its resemblance to THC-rich cannabis, which is a class B drug, authorities don’t want to take the risk of confusion.

For this reason, retailers now market CBD flower as incense or as a souvenir in order to bypass this peculiar situation.

How is CBD flower consumed?

Although retailers advertise CBD flower as incense, etc, it is anecdotally well known that CBD flower is smoked or vaped. Vaping is seen as a safer method compared to smoking as there is no combustion involved and no smoke toxins as a result.

Why vape CBD flower?

Vaping heats the flower, transforming it into a vapour that is breathed into the lungs. This form of pulmonary absorption leads to an immediate onset of effects compared to capsules, for example, which can take upwards of an hour to take effect.

Vaping also increases the bioavailability (the amount that enters the bloodstream) of CBD and the other cannabinoids present. The bioavailability of CBD flower can be up to 75% depending of hemp strains rich in CBD, considerably higher than that of edibles which can be as low as 5-10%. Ultimately this saves the consumer money.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD, when classified as a medicinal product, has been proven to manage symptoms in rare forms of epilepsy. In all other incidences, we rely on anecdotal evidence and scant research.

That being said there is ample clinical evidence which shows that CBD may have anti-anxiety effects. Several public speaking experiments have concluded that CBD has calming effects without the sedative effects of anti-anxiety medication.

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For those interested in finding out more we suggest you visit the US National Library of Medicine which contains thousands of papers highlighting the medicinal potential of CBD.


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