Grab-and-go CBD coffee rolling out in the UK

Crussh has become the first UK grab-and-go chain to introduce cannabidiol products to its coffee after launching CBD oil boosters this week. It has 30 stores around London.
The oil is offered as a £1.50 supplement by the health-food concept. It is made from naturally occurring compounds found in hemp and does not contain the psychoactive element – THC – contained in cannabis.


CBD coffee is purported to give you steady energy without those annoying coffee jitters – leaving you according to converts refreshed and relaxed. Crussh is the only readily available CBD coffee for you to grab on-the-go in London.

CBD-infused coffee is said to create a mood balancing stress-relieving effect. Coffee is a brave new frontier and more and more cosmopolitan coffees shops are offering CBD drops to take the edge off our morning latte.

Grab a CBD coffee

Bars, restaurants and cafés across London, Manchester and Bristol have begun offering the substance in different foods and drinks, including truffles, cocktails and frozen yoghurt. Crussh is the original juice bar in London town.

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Founded in 1998, Crussh Fit Food & Juice bars is London’s first healthy fast food retailer. It prides itself to be an innovator and leader in the healthy eating sector.

Evening standard in May ran with a headline – Why Londoners are adding CBD oil to their coffees? It seems cannabidiol coffees are piping hot right now and Crussh is filling a gap for coffee on-the-go serving gym-goers and professionals alike. Grab and dash and……..relax.

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