Latest list for novel foods was published

The cut off for applicants for the novel foods list was Tuesday 26th March where brands had a final chance to supply their brand name along with proof of being in business before the cut off in February 2020 for consideration. Thankfully an additional 2,000 products have made the list to be allowed continue sell in the U.K.

Further proof as per the note on the FSA site will still be needed, this for many means having a sub licence with the EIHA and being allowed to rely on their research on Cannabidiol. It’s important to talk to your manufacturer like Cannmed Products or RX Pharmatech for further details and ensure you have the paperwork in place in order to receive final approval later this year.

Of the additional 2,000 products listed it includes some big brands like Orange County and Canndid which were notable off the initial list.

The U.K. remains ahead of the EU and continues to push through Novel foods legislation, the regulations of the industry is seen as a key component for the future success and interest if the high buyers such as Holland and Barrett.

The poor response that many stands at the CBD awards in London last week reported to the Extract was put down by some to the fact the Novel Foods remains a grey area.

The extract and many of the brands at the show welcome the FSA steps and believe it will accelerate the CBD industry in 2022 and beyond.

Congratulations to all the additional brands

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