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Anthony Joshua enters the CBD industry with an endorsement deal with Love Hemp

The heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Anthony Joshua, has joined Love Hemp and the growing CBD industry. Joshua has signed a 3-year endorsement deal with the CBD brand, set to start in July.

The boxing champ will be an ambassador for the London-based company, and many expect to see a number of collaborations with the boxer and CBD products for athletes.

The importance of the Joshua and Love Hemp partnership

This is a huge deal for the UK CBD market and Love Hemp in particular. As one of the UK’s leading CBD product suppliers, Love Hemp expect this deal to help normalise CBD in the UK.

The CEO of Love Hemp, Tony Calamita, said he hopes the partnership can bring recognition to an otherwise “stigmatised market.”

Joshua, one of the world’s biggest boxing names and one of the UK’s biggest sports stars, can allow people to accept CBD. Positive publicity from role models like AJ could help CBD become a normal part of everyday life and a part of the world of sport. This is particularly important in the UK, where the CBD industry is still under strict restrictions, in comparison to the US.

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Interestingly, the partnership has come despite the fact CBD is still not permitted in the professional boxing world. CBD has still not been certified by Informed Sport, which is the required certification a brand needs to be used by boxers in the Boxing Federation.

However, this deal may shake up the boxing world and speed up the paperwork to permit the use of Love Hemp CBD products by boxers all across the world.

What Joshua has to say about the deal

The Watford born heavyweight boxer said, “the ability of CBD to improve people’s everyday lives is undeniable”.

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He added: “I have a passion for dynamic British businesses, and for wellness, making Love Hemp a perfect brand for me to endorse and become a shareholder in. My work with Love Hemp will allow me to be involved in the company’s aggressive growth strategy as well as developing my own branded wellness-focused CBD products.”

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AJ seems satisfied with his decision. He hopes that CBD can help other athletes and with their health and help improve the lives of many others.

The latest sports star to join the CBD game

Joshua is not the first sports name to partner up with a CBD brand. David Beckham, Mike Tyson and Meghan Rapinoe are all well-known endorsers of CBD.

Even recently this year, Love Hemp started a five-year partnership with the global mixed-martial-arts entertainment giant, the UFC. This and the AJ deal can bring global recognition to the company, as a leading CBD brand.

In the sporting world, CBD has numerous potential benefits. It can help athletes and boxers who go through rigorous training camps recover faster. On top of this, CBD is commonly used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, ideal for all the warriors who fight for a living.

Calamita, the CEO of Love Hemp claims that the endorsement deal with the world champ “will help us deliver this important message to the highest levels of UK and international sport”. So more athletes, amateurs and professionals alike, can reap the benefits of CBD.

Love Hemp produce and sell some of the highest quality, premium CBD products on the market. Calamita is confident that having a superstar like Joshua will allow Love Hemp to be a success on a global scale.

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