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Endo Sport – UK’s first CBD sports drink

Endo Sport is the first CBD sports drink to be based in the United Kingdom.

The drink which comes in two flavours, Orange and Berry & Tropical, will be launched at the International Drinks Exhibition at the Excel from November 19th-20th.

It is suitable for both athletes and non-athletes and can replace the electrolytes lost through physical exercise, providing enhanced nutrition.

Asked why they chose to create a CBD sports drink founder Pardeep Sooch stated, “There has been a huge increase in the last year or so of the role that CBD can play in the sporting world. With a lot of well-known athletes from the worlds of rugby, MMA and the NFL coming out to support CBD, interest from amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts has understandably been piqued.”

Scientific research into the medical benefits of CBD is still ongoing and results are inconclusive. However, there have been hopeful signs that it could be a game-changer for the health industry with many anecdotal reports of people effectively taking CBD for chronic painful conditions.

Benefits allegedly include pain management, reduced anxiety, and better sleep.

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