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Online hemp course now available

An online hemp course is now available for anyone interested in growing hemp.

This one hour course aims to educate farmers on the basics of growing hemp for grain or fibre. Topics include planting, harvesting, climate/soil requirements, hemp varieties and more.

The course is presented by certified crop advisor Byran Parr – an organic crop farmer who received a certified crop advisor licence in 2011.

Hemp is an excellent rotation crop because it removes heavy metals from the ground while returning nutrients to the soil. It also offers the potential for thousands of products.

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Hemp has seen a long-overdue revival both as a result of the passing of the 2018 Farm Act in America as well as mass consumer adoption of products such as CBD oil.

This course which is endorsed by the US Hemp Growers Association is available online at the FarmJournal website at a cost of $19.95

At the time of writing if you register now you will also receive a free e-book with practical advice from seasoned hemp farmers.

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Johnny Hughes

Johnny Hughes is an avid writer and advocate of cannabis-based medications. Following a decade in corporate banking, Jonny transitioned his part-time love of writing into a blossoming full-time career.

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