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Reakiro is one to watch in EU CBD manufacturing

European CBD giant Reakiro has struck up an exclusive deal with Holland & Barrett, the UK's top CBD retailer. This deal allows Reakiro to bring even more products to British and European shores — by putting them on the shelves at Holland & Barrett.

Reakiro has had a remarkable summer. According to Forbes, Reakiro's CBD sales grew significantly in the UK. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Holland & Barrett want to be a part of this.

Despite the large number of competitors, Holland & Barrett's decision to work with Reakiro speaks for itself. In fact, this is one of the biggest deals of the global CBD industry this year.

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Reakiro's CEO, Stuart McKenzie, is especially pleased about the partnership.

He has highlighted the similarities between Holland & Barrett and Reakiro, saying that these brands, “…have the same values — to bring the highest quality natural health products to people around the world.”

Mr. McKenzie also hopes that this relationship will turn into a long-term one.

The Reakiro range at Holland & Barrett

Reakiro's Holland & Barrett range will consist of 14 products, including CBD capsules, oils, and sprays. It will also include a raw hemp extract pen — an unparalleled new product.

According to Reakiro, this range was designed to meet customer needs. To do this, they researched customer usage, and therefore, decided to make these products in a wide variety of strengths.

Reakiro has a history of manufacturing quality CBD products. Their transparency, high standards, and inimitable quality place them a cut above many other CBD manufacturers. They are also known for their award-winning customer service.

There is no doubt that these products will fly off the shelves. For updates on the Reakiro range at Holland & Barrett, subscribe to The Extract — your first source for everything CBD.

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