Encasa Botanics: Company Spotlight

Promising premium CBD products, Encasa Botanics is completely revolutionising the CBD industry. Their luxury CBD oil is truly a testament to their craftsmanship. But with so many brands inundating the market, what is Encasa Botanics doing differently, and how do their products stand out from the competition?

Manufacturing luxury in every drop isn’t easy to do. However, Encasa Botanics has managed to do this, by diversifying its offerings and turning out good-quality CBD options. Featuring everything from CBD oils and vape liquids, to edibles and bath bombs, this company is carving a unique path in an industry inundated with a smorgasbord of different products.

Encasa Botanics: the best CBD you’ve never heard of

You might not have heard of Encasa Botanics – and we completely understand. After all, they’re a fairly new company, having launched in mid-2020. However, in that time, the company has launched & manufactured a selection of premium products. With months of market research under their belts, it’s clear that Encasa Botanics have done their homework.

To them, it isn’t simply about the end goal; it’s about the whole experience. Every single manufacturing decision is about making a good-quality product – from packaging to ingredients. Therefore, when you unbox something from Encasa Botanics, rest assured that it’s not just about CBD strength. Instead, consider the months of research, the eco-friendly packaging, and the sleek bottles that go into the final product.

With that said, it’s important to understand that Encasa Botanics doesn’t at all skimp on the product itself. Each bottle of Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains only the finest ingredients: organic hemp, grown without chemicals or pesticides. By extracting the CBD oil from the flower of the hemp plant, Encasa Botanics offers the full CBD experience. The company also infuses this CBD extract with a neutral MCT oil. CBD enthusiasts will be pleased to experience the full terpene experience – every single note is perfectly preserved in each tiny bottle.

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Inclusive CBD, the way it should be

Encasa Botanics truly understands what CBD users want, and their incredible product selection is a sterling example of this. While their Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a clear standout, they offer several other options: a flavoured full-spectrum CBD oil, as well as a broad-spectrum alternative. While their products are completely compliant with current UK legislation – less than 0.2% per product – they also understand that even trace amounts of THC might not be for everyone.

In addition to their oils, Encasa Botanics offers four other options: CBD e-liquids, CBD-infused honey, CBD bath bombs, and a CBD massage oil. By keeping its selection to a minimum, but diversifying its options, this company has started out strong, with more plans to expand its range and dominate the market. In fact, we could see a variety of new products from Encasa Botanics – including CBD extracts and isolates.

While their range might be small, Encasa Botanics has ensured that there’s something for everyone – an interesting step for such a new company. With this approach, Encasa Botanics has made the CBD industry – and their wares – far more accessible to more than just the standard CBD enthusiast. After all, given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to sweeten their coffee with some CBD-infused honey? Now, with the CBD honey from Encasa Botanics, this is a valid option.

In addition to this, Encasa Botanics offers its CBD products at a different set of price points. Retailing at both £43.99 (15 ml, 750 mg CBD) and £29.99 (10 ml, 500 mg CBD), their Premium Full Spectrum options certainly reflect their quality, ingredients, and manufacturing. However, the team also understands that these options might not be for everyone. Therefore, there are several other alternatives to avail of – beginning at £2.85 for a single CBD-infused honey straw.

This ensures that everyone can avail of the CBD goodness from Encasa Botanics. It also means that even CBD novices can dip their toes into the cannabinoid, trying out different products, and deciding what works best for them. Furthermore, Encasa Botanics has taken good customer care one step further, with their dedicated customer service team. The team is well-versed in the world of CBD, and is prepared to help with a selection of queries – including what CBD product would work best for curious customers.

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Truly premium products – from the first impression

At the Extract, we were particularly impressed by both forms of the Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Each tiny bottle is a true testament to what CBD products could be. Equipped with a wooden cap, these bottles fit perfectly into your hand. The wooden cap is easy to grasp, and CBD enthusiasts are treated to familiar terpene notes, upon opening each bottle. Encasa Botanics truly thinks of everything – enclosing a helpful guide on sublingual CBD in every pack.

The pamphlet also encourages you to experiment with different forms of CBD, until you find the perfect option for you. These little touches really do complete the experience; by taking your wellness, and your preferences into consideration, the masterminds behind Encasa Botanics show that they truly care about their clients. While on the surface, this appears as another CBD business venture, one simple purchase could completely change your opinion.

The perfect blend of personal and professional

The general belief at Encasa Botanics is that CBD is for everyone – and their services are a testament to that. With only over a year under their belts, they’ve managed to create some extremely unique products, turning into purveyors of some of the finest CBD on the market. By regularly testing its products, the company ensures that its offerings meet UK and EU legislative standards, and that they remain safe for everyone to use. It also offers Certificates of Analysis with each purchase – ensuring transparency with every sale.

While Encasa Botanics might be a fairly new addition to the CBD industry, there’s no doubt that it will go on to achieve great things. It’s also holding itself to extremely high standards – ones that we should hope to see, across the industry.

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