Who are Cannadips?

From Humboldt, California Cannadips are award-winning and unique innovators in CBD.

Inspired by traditional Nordic Snus tobacco pouches they wanted to create a similar experience for CBD users. By working with chemists, they could create semi-porous CBD-infused pouches that could slow-release CBD into the body.

They then formulated their own THC-free, tobacco-free, non-GMO and vegan-friendly CBD product.

What did they win?

Impressively, since they are such a new face on the scene, Cannadips won two awards at the recent UK Hemp & CBD Expo. They won first prize for Best Edible and second prize for Best Innovation.

The Hemp & CBD Expo works with an array of expert industry professionals, independent testers and judges. So these are people who really know what they’re talking about.

Why should you be interested?

Cannadips are innovators for CBD, providing a product that is both effective and discreet. In terms of absorption rate, the bioavailability of Cannadips’ water-soluble CBD is 3-4 times higher compared to that of traditional CBD oils or tinctures.

As we mentioned above, Cannadips worked with chemists to develop small fibre water-dispersible pouches with porous surfaces. They did this because cannabinoids in cannabis are fat-soluble, meaning they need to be either combusted or incorporated into an ingestible form for the user to take.

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These CBD pouches could be placed between inside the mouth, against the gums, to slow-release CBD into the body.

Water-soluble improved bioavailability

The bioavailability of Cannadips CBD is remarkable at approximately 3 to 4 times higher compared to that of traditional CBD oils or tinctures. This is entirely down to the water-soluble pouches.


One pouch containing 10mg of water-dispersible (or water-soluble) CBD absorbed in the mouth is more effective than an equal amount of oil-based CBD absorbed used the same way.

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However, the difference only becomes noticeable when taken in higher dosages such as 100mg.

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What’s in a Cannadip?

Cannadips use only broad-spectrum CBD alongside non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and pesticide-free flavouring ingredients. They recommend customers to take about 35-40 minutes to allow the release of CBD, which might seem like a long time but their flavours last up to two hours. So you won’t get sick of it.

Currently, they have three fantastic flavours – Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus, and American Spice. Each of them brings something new to the table, and you’re sure to have your own favourite.

We think if you give it a shot Cannadips might be your new favourite product this year.

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