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FSA clarifies CBD Novel Foods applications

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) has announced further clarifications on the CBD novel foods dossier application.

The Food Standards Agency has provided clarification on several key topics regarding the CBD Novel Foods application.

The ACI wishes to create a fully comprehensive globally standardised regulation for CBD. They have already put together Quality Charter which includes legal frameworks, labelling, ethics, and a lot more. You can check that out here.

All these great answers, to all these great questions

The ACI posted the questions and answers with the FSA on their website.

A sample of which you can read below:

ACI Question: The FSA will not require a novel food submission for each individual finished food product, is this correct? Obviously, the finished product manufacturer is making their product, as per the novel foods dossier submitted by the reputable quality CBD supplier.

FSA Response: All finished products need to be covered by a validated novel food application.

However, several products may fall within the scope of a single application. What’s needed is that the finished product is made with the applied-for substance (e.g. a CBD extract made by x manufacturer), and that the end-use/presentation of the finished products is within the ‘uses’ identified by the application (e.g. as a 5% CBD extract in oil).

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It is also worth commenting that bioavailability in different foodstuffs may help support their application. All data/studies etc. need to relate to your specific product or one that is produced in exactly the same way with the same specification ranges, same raw ingredients from the same place etc.

ACI Question: Assuming the above is correct, the FSA does not require a novel food submission for each individual food product, are the following approaches acceptable?

ACI Question: Food products must utilise a CBD ingredient (isolate or extract) with a novel food application that is validated by March 31, 2020.

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FSA Response: Yes they must fall within scope of a validated application. The exception is products that are new to the market after our announcement; in which case they must have authorisation before being placed on the market. Also to note – the date for validated applications is 31 March 2021.

You can read the full list of questions and answers on the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry page.

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