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Best selling CBD oil on Amazon

Amazon is the wild west of modern-day shopping. Everything and anything can be bought and sold on Amazon, including CBD products. CBD and hemp oil products are in abundance, however, not all are of the same quality and up to the high standards we expect of our CBD.

CBD has only recently been allowed to be sold on Amazon and there are still limitations. Only a set few brands have been permitted to sell their CBD products on the e-commerce website for the moment. With this in mind, we must be careful when buying CBD oil on Amazon as there are a lot of questionable products claiming to be high-quality and tested CBD oil.

We are going to explain Amazon as a CBD marketplace and what makes it a difficult place to buy CBD oil. Furthermore, we want to give you our list of best selling CBD oils on Amazon so that you can find them easier and not be disappointed with the product you decide to purchase.

Why buy CBD oil on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the UK’s favourite online shopping sites to buy all sorts of products. You can find the best prices and a large variety of choices. In addition, with the introduction of Amazon Prime, we can receive our items faster than ever. Packages are regularly delivered the very next day after our purchase.

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Buying CBD oil on Amazon also comes with all these advantages. Considering this, it can be a tempting place to search for CBD oil. Also, if you are confident about which CBD oil you want to buy, you can buy in bulk to get an even better price. However, you must be careful as many products on Amazon do not contain any CBD.

Finding high-quality CBD oil

One negative of CBD oil on Amazon is when you search for it, hundreds of products appear. You may expect this to be a good thing, as the more choice you have, the more likely you will find the perfect product suited to your needs.

However, on the contrary, the abundance of choice is something to be wary of. Many of these products are not tested and others do not contain CBD. With so many products to choose from, it becomes harder for you to find top-quality CBD oil.

A vast selection of products can drown out the incredible CBD products that Amazon has to offer. This makes it more likely that an experienced shopper ends up with an untested CBD oil that does not have the benefits that CBD grants its users.

Even more common is that many companies are selling hemp seed oil. Hemp oil contains no CBD and lacks many of the therapeutic benefits that we anticipate gaining from our CBD oils.

Amazon CBD oil pilot program 2021

Initially, Amazon UK did not allow the sale of CBD oil or any products containing CBD.

However, from 2021, Amazon UK has started a pilot program to test whether they can control CBD products being sold on the website. The program is by invitation- only and the e-commerce company has invited about ten brands to sell CBD oil on the UK website.

Although this is only a pilot, it is looking hopeful that other CBD brands will be permitted to sell their oils on Amazon UK.

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Another consideration to take from this is that if there are clear-cut restrictions, why are there so many ‘CBD oils’ on offer on Amazon? The fact is that most are not actually CBD oils. Many companies are selling hemp oil and using the ambiguity of the word ‘hemp’ to sell it as CBD oil.

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So if there is one message to take from this, be careful as hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil.

CBD oil vs hemp seed oil

Without question, hemp seed oil is a beneficial supplement. It contains high levels of omega-3, omega-6, vitamin B, vitamin D and numerous natural antioxidants.

People use it to help build their immune system, lower their cholesterol and help relieve skin conditions.

Hemp oil is great! However, the problem is that on Amazon, many sellers are taking advantage of customers not knowing the differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. Many customers buy hemp oil believing it is CBD potent, but this is simply not the case.

Hemp seed oil does not contain significant levels of CBD. This is because hemp oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant which have little to no cannabidiol. CBD oil is extracted from the flowers, stalk, and leaves of the hemp plant which are potent in CBD.

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Ultimately, although hemp seed oil and CBD oil come from the same plant, it does not make them the same products. And as customers, we must be aware that on marketplaces like Amazon, there are many sellers advertising a hemp oil product in such a way as to trick us into buying it as a therapeutic CBD oil.

To avoid this from happening we have made a list of our favourite CBD products on Amazon. All products on the list contain CBD and are up to the high standards we expect from CBD oil.

Our choice of the best selling CBD oils on Amazon UK

With Amazon UK loosening its restrictions on selling CBD oil, we have more options for high-quality CBD oil products. To ensure that you buy a top-quality CBD oil on Amazon, we have made a list of our favourite choices. You can do your own research but this is a great list to start. It can make it easier for you to find the CBD oil that works best for you.

1) Green Stem CBD

To top our list is Green Stem CBD oil. This impressive brand won the award for best CBD oil in 2019. Green Stem aims to create remarkable CBD products that enhance the well-being of each of its customers.

A Colorado-based company that makes one of the most professional looking bottles on the market. The packaging has a unique vintage look which is refreshing in the CBD industry.

They create some of the most unique flavours on the market which include Sicilian Lemon and the award-winning Black Cherry to name a few. The unique, delicious flavours are great if you want to avoid the bitter and somewhat earthy taste that CBD oil usually has.

What’s more, they provide a large variety of CBD potencies starting from 300 mg all the way to 3000 mg. The large variety makes it a great product for all, whether you are a newcomer to the world of CBD or a CBD regular.

It’s hard to fault this CBD oil. The only issue is that they are not selling their CBD oil on Amazon. However, you can buy their soothing CBD muscle balm. It is worth a try if you wish to use CBD to relax aching muscles.

2) CBDfx

On Amazon, you can find a variety of CBDfx products including CBD capsules, balms and gummies. The CBDfx CBD oil capsules come in different CBD potencies, from 750 mg to 1,500 mg.

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For us, one of the particular unique things about CBDfx is that they create products to suit you. They provide morning CBD oil which gives you more perk and energy for the upcoming day. On the other hand, you can buy CBD oil for nighttime use. It relaxes you and can be great for helping you get a good night’s sleep.

The CBD oil capsules are an easy way to consume your CBD. You do not need to worry about accurately measuring with a dropper each dosage. You know exactly how much CBD is in each capsule. To add, the bottle comes with a full month supply, 30 capsules, 1 for each day of the month.

CBDfx is a US company that uses a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to create a top-quality CBD oil that is highly respected across Europe and the US. Each CBDfx product is independently third-party certified which ensures you that their CBD oil is up to standard.

Amazon allows you to buy their products cheaper than anywhere else online which makes it a great buy.

One problem for us is that the packaging is not outstanding. Especially on Amazon, where there are hundreds of other possible products, CBDfx packaging doesn’t catch your attention. Nonetheless, it is a product worth trying, as it is more about what the product does than the way it looks.

3) Vitality CBD

Vitality CBD is a UK company, newly founded in 2018, providing a full range of CBD products. Although only a new company, it creates a high-quality, highly potent CBD oil. They are third party tested and provide results so you can trust their CBD range.

They have started selling some of their products on Amazon. The CBD oil range they sell is one of the best on the website. They provide a great variety of CBD potencies from 600 mg up to a highly potent 2,400 mg. With such a high potency offered, it is a great choice of oil for CBD regulars and those who need it for more intense therapeutic reasons.

In addition, they offer three flavours on Amazon; Natural, Lemon and Berry all of which have a great taste.

An added bonus is that the product comes with a pipette and a spray head. You have an option and can choose your preferred way to consume CBD oil. Both methods are easy to use and allow you to accurately dose yourself.

4) Healthspan CBD oil

Healthspan is another UK company that is growing in the CBD industry. They have begun selling their 790 mg broad-spectrum CBD oil on Amazon in a cooling peppermint flavour. The oil is CO2 extracted and Healthspan uses an extra filter-clear method to remove any unwanted wax and lipids from the CBD oil.

You can feel the effects of the CBD quickly as the CBD is infused in an MCT carrier oil. The body absorbs MCT oil rapidly and allows CBD to work its magic quickly and effectively.

Healthspan is a member of the Cannabis Trade Association which ensures you that the product is of high quality. However, there is a downside as they have not made their third-party lab results publicly available.

Nonetheless, it still is a first-class CBD oil. And to add, it is vegan friendly. It ensures that all its products are ethical and cruelty-free.

5) Dragonfly CBD

Dragonfly CBD is an award-winning brand that “make CBD products differently.” They develop their products from seed to shelf and ensure each product is made from organically grown hemp.

An elegantly packaged CBD oil that stands out from the crowd with its dragonfly logo. The oil comes in an array of potences (300 mg – 3000 mg) which makes it a great oil for all kinds of CBD users.

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Unfortunately, the product only comes in a natural flavour. Albeit, the Dragonfly’s flavour is smooth and not too bitter, natural flavours can be overly intense for many who prefer to have a sweeter flavour to counteract the earthy taste of the CBD.

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This is another CBD oil that is not on Amazon, however, their Dragonfly CBD skincare products are. You can find their CBD-infused hydrating face cream and body moisturiser for a great price on Amazon. They are offered on Amazon prime so you can have your face creams the very next day.

6) Natures Aid CBD oil

Natures Aid, a UK company established in 1981 and holding awards for its supplements, is selling its CBD oil spray on Amazon. They produce their full-spectrum CBD oil to pharmaceutical standards and work to create a healthy and safe oil.

Natures Aid bottles their CBD oil in a small 10 ml spray bottle which is perfect for on-the-go use. The sprayer ensures you of an even and accurate dose every time.

The peppermint-flavoured CBD oil is free of THC and chemicals. Also, as a full-spectrum CBD, the beneficial terpenes are left in each bottle providing you with the most natural product.

The product comes in an array of potencies from 250 mg to 1000 mg. We recommend the 250 mg 10 ml bottle if you are new to CBD. It is a perfect tester size and potency and if you like it, you can possibly make your next purchase a more potent CBD oil.

7) Bulk CBD oil

If you are anyway sporty or a regular gym-goer, you have probably heard of Bulk, the exercise and diet supplement company. They have released their CBD oil on Amazon.

The CBD oil comes unflavoured, but for those who want a little bit of freshness, there is a peppermint flavour too. You can buy 250 mg or 500 mg potency which is great for gentle CBD effects. If you want a more potent CBD, we must wait a little longer for Bulk to provide it.

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The CBD is infused in 100% MCT oil which allows for faster bioavailability. This simply means you can feel the therapeutic effects of the CBD faster.

Bulk provides a 10 ml bottle which is a tidy size to have if you use CBD out and about at the office or at the gym. However, this is a small bottle and it can run out pretty quick if you use CBD regularly.

Why does Amazon continue to have restrictions on CBD?

CBD has been legal to sell and buy in the UK since 2018. And every year, the restrictions on the product loosen. You may wonder why Amazon UK doesn't follow the UK and permit CBD oil to be sold on the website.

It is simply that there is still too much risk in the CBD marketplace. This liability comes from CBD being illegal in many countries in the world and Amazon is an international store selling across the globe. And although CBD is growing in popularity, the risk still outweighs the reward for Amazon UK.

Nonetheless, things are changing, and if the new pilot program is a success, we are certainly going to see a lot more CBD brands available in the Amazon store.

Other UK online stores to buy CBD oil

With limited CBD products available on Amazon, it is worth considering finding a different online store to cater for your CBD needs. CBD Village is one of those stores that provides a wide selection of the best CBD brands from the UK and from across the world.

CBD Village’s niche is CBD and you can find a wide selection of CBD products. With an online store focused on CBD, you can rest assured that all the products are of high quality.


Amazon is a difficult place to buy CBD oil as there are lots of brands disguising their products as CBD oil, while as a matter of fact, they are just hemp seed oil.

At the moment, Amazon UK has allowed some companies to sell their CBD oil on the website as a pilot program. If it is successful, Amazon could be the go-to online store to find all your CBD products.

Use our list to help you find high-quality CBD products on Amazon. And if you are still unsure, buy your CBD products from an online store like CBD Village which only sells high-quality, tested CBD brands.

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