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CalyFx mission to “enhance your lifestyle with effect-based products”

Dennis D’Alessio (CEO of CalyFx) came out of retirement and launched a CBD company to honour his brother who suffered from severe autism. He suffered seizures and terrible side effects from traditional pharmaceutical drugs that left his body immunity wiped out.

Posthumously Dennis made it his life mission, on discovering CBD might have saved his brother’s life, to tackle ‘real’ health issues, give back to those a greater quality of life and elevate living! The Extract and CalyFx talk yellow pages, virtual labs, CBD for Alzheimers and what women need to know about CBD.


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CalyFx stays current with the latest research to guarantee a superior high-end product in upscale delivery formats. Find out who they are consulting with for breakthroughs in new formulas, the health issues they are targeting, nanotechnology updates and bioavailability issues. Is there a CalyFx product out there to enhance your lifestyle or a “high-end alternative?”

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