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Reakiro launches new full swing CBD golf range

Reakiro, the makers of Full Extract CBD Oil have announced the launch of Full Swing – their new range of golf-specific CBD products. The range features a broad spectrum CBD extract that comes in capsules, sprays, topical gels and the traditional oil. The move coincides with a surge in popularity of CBD on the American PGA Tour.

“First and foremost, we love golf at Reakiro” said Stuart McKenzie, Reakiro CEO. “We play the game, we understand the needs of golfers and our range is designed to help golfers at all levels improve and be healthier.”

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Top American players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson are now using and endorsing CBD products. Building on their European presence, Reakiro recently became pool partners with the PGA of Germany, which includes 2,000 members, most of whom are teaching professionals.

“We have a unique line that golfers use throughout their day.” said Axel Hluchy, Managing Partner of Reakiro Europe. “We gave out samples to the German PGA pros and the results were overwhelmingly positive.”

CBD has long been talked about among sports athletes, many sports stars have talked about the potential of CBD products to help muscle recover and even reduce aches and pains.  To see a mainstream products designed specifically to help golfers we believe is a step in the right direction for the CBD industry as a whole. We welcome the investment into products on the high street and online in the hope  the more it is seen on shelves the more it will be accepted by the general public.

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