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CanXchange announces successful transaction with Europe’s largest hemp producer HempFlax

CanXchange, the leading physical hemp and CBD exchange announces the recent transaction involving Europe’s largest independent hemp grower and processor, HempFlax.

CanXchange’s robust infrastructure includes a payment solution (operated by the traditional banking system) and thorough logistics management. This infrastructure played a significant role in the transaction of HempFlax's premium products.

Following the initial transactional success seen across Europe, the company plans to develop its network of users globally.

CanXchange is committed to uncovering and highlighting profitable opportunities within the field for its users.

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Mark Reinders, CEO HempFlax, commented:

‘The presence of a service like CanXchange will significantly strengthen our industry supply chain by adding an extra layer of trust and accountability. Our first transactional experience was seamless and the level of simplicity for the payment and logistics process was outstanding.

Given the operational and technical complexities of the industry, I was delighted to see that the payment and logistics of CanXchange were both efficient and effective. We look forward to using the platform to connect with buyers of our full-spectrum CBD oil, as well as our other natural hemp-derived products.’

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CanXchange and HempFlax trusted transaction

CanXchange is the leading physical hemp and CBD exchange, empowering trusted transactions. Their innovative trading platform includes services and features that provide direct solutions for long-term industry barriers.

The company aggregates farmers, producers & extractors and a wide range of industries under one roof. Allowing them to offer a wide network of vetted businesses to its users. An industry-first payment solution, operated by the traditional banking system, is fundamental to the CanXchange business model.

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HempFlax is Europe’s largest independent grower and processor of industrial hemp. The company is expecting to harvest over 2,400 hectares of hemp this year. Processing the whole hemp plant enables HempFlax to maximise revenues across their six business lines:

  • Nutraceuticals (CBD)
  • Hemp-based plastic replacement
  • Construction
  • Animal Care
  • Horticulture
  • Genetics and cultivation
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By leveraging a 25-year history from seed to shelf, HempFlax intends to be the market leader in the fast-growing hemp industry.

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