CBD Flowers Guide: Where can you buy Best CBD Flower in UK

Sales of CBD Flowers in the UK for 2021 have been estimated to be a substantial percentage of overall CBD sales. The CBD Flower UK market has grown, with so many applications to choose from it’s hard to know which method of administering this super plant is right for you. Now with an increase in popularity,  CBD flower, also known as CBD Buds, CBD Hemp flower or just Hemp flower is creating a buzz as one of the top methods of consumption. We want to delve into what it is, the legalities of CBD Flower and if you do want to try it, what the best methods to use are.

What are CBD Buds?

CBD Buds or the Hemp flower buds are the flowers from the female, specifically bred hemp plants that contain very high levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) and low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

But what exactly does that mean? CBD flower buds are most commonly derived from the hemp cannabis plant, rather than the marijuana cannabis plant. These two types of plant are both part of the same plant family, the Cannabaceae, with the latter containing much higher levels of THC and causing a ‘high’ effect through this psychoactive component. In many 

In European countries, marijuana is still illegal. The CBD or hemp flower buds do not contain high enough levels of THC  to cause this effect and are instead high in CBD levels which are used to relax.

While research on these amazing plants is still lacking funding and is slow to produce results, we have learned that there are over 150 cannabinoids in CBD Hemp Flower and growing. There are numerous extraction methods used to produce CBD for manufacturing. If the end product is full-spectrum, it has used a method to extract all beneficial parts of the plant, which when working in harmony with each other create what scientists call ‘The Entourage Effect’, which creates a synergy between all components of the plant, giving the best results. 

How Is CBD Flower Made?

CBD Flowers looks and smells much like marijuana flower or marijuana bud. This is mostly down to the fact that, like its relative, it consists of the same types of flavonoids, terpenes and components. The one big difference is that the CBD Flower has very low levels of THC and is usually very high in CBD.

CBD Hemp Flower is specifically talking about the female flower or bud of the industrial hemp plant. CBD Flower provides the consumers with CBD in one of its most natural forms, unlike CBD Oils and Edibles, CBD Flower isn’t subjected to the same rigorous extraction processes, therefore retaining the plant’s natural waxes.

CBD Flower is the most simple part of the plant to harvest, the only steps before packing the plant is to harvest it and dry it. Meaning as a delivery method it is the most natural way for you to use CBD. CBD Flower has a much higher level of naturally occurring cannabinoids than its counterparts.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Flower

CBD is currently undergoing studies across the world to see if it truly has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties and while research is slow until this incredible plant is studied in full, nobody can say just what medical benefits CBD Flower or CBD products can have conclusively.

That being said its growth in popularity has been largely down to consumers reporting that CBD helps them to relax and potentially offers them relief from anxiety and stress. Due to the low levels of THC in CBD products that are sold on the market, consumers can enjoy these products without worrying about feeling high or stoned. 

What Effects Does CBD Flower Have On The Endocannabinoid System?

The Human endocannabinoid system comprises two main CB receptors CB1 and CB2. Much like our brain having two sides that react differently, both are responsible for different things.

The CB1  receptor is the part of our endocannabinoid system that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling you get when you use Marijuana. THC attaches itself to this CB receptor. CB1 is linked to mood, movement,  coordination, pain, hunger and emotions.

The CB2 receptor is linked to anti-inflammatory responses, mood, fertility and a range of other neurological functions of the body.

What’s interesting about how CBD Flower and CBD react with our endocannabinoid system is that CBD doesn’t attach itself directly to either. It has a roundabout way of interacting with our system, unlike other cannabinoids like CBG or THC.

CBD works with our endocannabinoid system by directing our body to use more of its own cannabinoids, this, in turn, allows our bodies to have more cannabinoids to work with, increasing the efficiency of our own endocannabinoid system.

Extensive studies are still being carried out to fully understand how our bodies react with different cannabinoids in the Hemp plant and until we see large human trials, further scientific data, we won’t fully understand how it all works together.

The History of CBD Flower

Evidence of when hemp was used dates back to at least 50,000 years ago. Hemp is known as a versatile plant, with every part of it seeming to have some use, being one of the first plants in history to be spun into usable fibres.

Most commonly seen throughout history is the use of the Hemp plant stalk in making hemp clothing, hemp paper, hemp rope and hemp materials for construction. The seeds are an edible source of amino acids and protein and can also be ground up to produce hemp milk. The oil has seen numerous applications when pressed from the seed including the production of biodiesel fuel. 

While it’s hard to track the discovery of hemp with absolute certainty or the first documented uses of CBD Hemp Flower, there is evidence that Hemp was used in cloth and textiles excavated prior to 8000BCE. It is thought that the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia utilised the plant for a number of applications.

There are also records documenting its use to treat ailments such as amnesia and gout, by the Chinese Emperor, Sheng Nung. This shows us that CBD Flower has been used throughout our history for medicinal remedies.

Hemp Discovery In The UK & Europe
The Hemp plant began to spread across Europe from approx. 500 BCE.

With evidence stating that it may have been the source material used in English Sails, King Henry VII passed a law to make hemp growing mandatory in 1533. Showing some of the earliest uses of the plant within the UK’s economy.

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Is CBD Flower Legal in UK?

CBD is legal in the UK, but that statement has a lot of confusion behind it. While many forms of CBD are legal and allowed to be sold on the UK market, CBD Flower is not yet one of the legal forms.

CBD Flower UK, which is the bud from a hemp plant, is a prohibited substance even when it can prove the THC levels are below recommended safety levels for legal distribution. What is even more confusing is it seems to be openly traded and sold on the UK market, so how can this be?

Many CBD re-sellers will use the argument that CBD is legal in the UK if the THC level is below 0.2% THC and have been sourced from ‘EU approved varieties’. Here’s where it gets complicated, while those are the legal requirements for legal CBD in the UK, they are actually referring to the cultivation of hemp in the UK, which requires a license. These terms do not refer to the selling of any parts of the plant. 

The Hemp Cultivation license refers only to the processing of fibre and hemp seeds for commercial use, all other parts of the plant including the bud and flower are meant to be destroyed and never leave the processing facility. This would mean that they should not be available in shops or stores in the UK.

Why Can I buy CBD flower?

The enforcement of the illegal nature of CBD Flower in the UK has been thus far light-handed, resulting in it being more readily available than expected and as such growth in popularity.

Where can you buy CBD Flower in UK        

Often you will find CBD Flower being sold under the guise of another CBD form such as an edible or ‘hemp tea’. The UK government has a huge job on their hands if they are to educate consumers and vendors of the illegal standing of CBD Flower, and with the popularity of CBD Flower on the rise, they may change the laws to include CBD Flower or CBD Buds in the UK’s laws on THC content and CBD. Best suppliers of cbd flower wholesale are US and EU based.

Until a time when the laws surrounding the sale of CBD are updated to include CBD Flower or CBD Bud, it means that sellers and buyers are at risk, the seller is selling a controlled substance and the buyer is in possession of a controlled substance, leaving both at risk. 

What CBD Products Are Legal In The UK?

While CBD Flower may still be illegal in the UK, there are other CBD products on the market to try that are completely legal to buy, sell and possess. Over 6 million people have tried CBD in the UK alone, so there are plenty of ways you can shop for products safely.

While harvesting CBD for CBD Oil is still illegal in the UK, importing hemp extract is fully legal, so long as there are no controlled substances detected, for example, THC must be below the required 0.2% deemed safe. This is how many CBD companies that manufacture legal CBD products currently work in the UK.

Currently, you can buy products such as CBD oil tinctures, CBD e-liquids, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, topical CBD products and more all legally in the UK. The application for the delivery method is entirely up to the end-user and can be determined by looking at what you hope to use it for and what your preference is. This is also true to what strength you want to use, it is entirely up to you and should be based on what feels right for you or what you are using it for.

While these products are legal to sell, they must be able to provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) so that you know what is in your product and that there are safe levels of THC or no unwanted components.

You should also check that your product complies with the regulations it needs to meet within its industry. If you are buying a CBD beauty product it needs to have a CPSR which is a Cosmetic Product Safety Report.

You still want to try CBD Flower in UK, What Should You Do?

While we don’t recommend you try anything illegal, you still might be curious to know what all the hype is about?

The good news is CBD Flower is legal in other countries, it is legal in 39 states in the US and the Czech Republic for example. You could try it for yourself safely here until the laws are updated to match the consumer landscape and demand.

How to read a CBD Flower report

Now that you know the legalities surrounding sales of CBD Flower in UK and you find yourself in a country selling CBD Flower legally. What do you need to know?

We feel the most important aspect of buying CBD Hemp Flower is being able to understand the lab reports that should be provided with it. In order to make sure you are getting high-quality, safe CBD flower you should always check the lab report before buying. If a seller can’t provide you with a lab report walk away.

Lab Reports, commonly referred to as Certificate of Analysis (CoA’s) are used for all CBD products on the market and will inform you of what’s worth buying and more importantly what isn’t!

These reports are usually carried out via a third party, to ensure compliance as these labs have no financial interest in the company requiring them.

The first thing you should check is the verified cannabinoid content, this will tell you whether the amount of CBD it says should be in it is actually present.

The THC level would be the next item to check, noting that only the Delta 9 THC has to be below the 0.2% recommended safety level of CBD. Other items to check for would be the verified Purity of the Product which will detail if there are any heavy metals or pesticides present and whether the lab is reputable.

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With so many companies on the market, not all products are trustworthy, knowing what to look for will empower you to make the best choices when buying any CBD product.

How to smoke CBD Flower

CBD Flower has numerous methods of consumption, as one of the most versatile forms of the plant, it should be easy to find a method you’re comfortable with.

Below we’ve listed the top four ways to take CBD Flower:

  • Smoking CBD Flower
  • Vaping CBD Flower
  • Cook or Bake with CBD Flower
  • Make Cannabutter using CBD Flower

Before we break these methods down further we should discuss the number one rule of CBD Flower consumption, it requires heat. This method is called decarboxylation and is important because this form of CBD contains mostly CBDa, in order for you to activate the CBDa and convert it to CBD you must heat it first.

For this reason, smoking or vaping CBD Buds is one of the preferred methods to administer CBD Hemp Flower, as you naturally heat the flower in the process. It’s important to keep in mind the need to heat the CBD Flower Buds prior to using them in other methods such as cooking or baking so that you have successfully activated the CBD.

How to Decarbonate Your CBD Flower Buds Successfully

If you feel that this all sounds a bit harder than it ought to be and you're worried you won’t do it right, don’t give up. Below is a very simple guide on how to make sure you’re using your CBD Flower Buds correctly.

  • Using a grinder or your fingers, grind or break up your buds into small pieces. Ideally, it should look like dried chopped herbs, don’t overdo it. 
  • Heat your oven to 120° C. 
  • Thinly spread your herbs on a baking sheet on a tray and place them in the middle of the over. 
  • Leave in for approx. 45 minutes.
  • Take out of the oven and allow it to cool, once cooled your CBD Flower should appear brown, dry and crumble if rolled between your fingers. 
  • You can now use it in methods like cooking and making Oils or tinctures knowing it’s been activated! 

Smoking CBD Flower UK

Just like CBD Flower has endless methods of administering, there are numerous ways to smoke it.

The most popular way to smoke it is using a rolled blunt, joint or spliff, most typically referred to when talking about marijuana, these terms can still be applied to smoking CBD Flower. With this method, you grind up your CBD Flower and mix it with the tobacco of your choice or use it on its own. Then using a rolling paper, roll it into a stick.

Joints are primarily smoked using hemp paper or rice paper, which was originally the paper of choice due to the fact that it tended to be tasteless. However, with the increasing popularity of CBD, they now come in a range of flavours to suit everyone's tastes.

If you prefer to roll your CBD Flower into a Blunt you would use much the same method as before, but using tobacco paper instead, creating a slightly different effect to the overall taste. Typically these would also be double the length of a joint therefore requiring more CBD Flower.

The spliff is more popular throughout Europe as opposed to the US. In this method, you mix the Flower with tobacco of your choice. It is seen in Europe as being less wasteful than smoking a joint or a blunt by mixing it and the ratio can be adjusted to personal preference.

Vaping CBD Flower

Vaping CBD Flower is one of the fastest methods to yield results. And much like traditional smoking methods, it allows you to really appreciate the flavours of the CBD strain you’re vaping. For CBD Flower users who really appreciate the terpenes in their strains, this method might just be the one for you.

With so many vaporizers on the market to choose from, just be sure to select a high-quality dry herb vaporizer. Vapes that are distinctly for te-liquids won’t have a chamber that can heat the dry herb safely so you won’t be able to use this method with every vaporizer.

Cooking or Baking with CBD Flower

CBD is a lipid-soluble substance, which means it is perfectly suited for the kitchen and can be used in a number of different preparations and dishes.

The number one rule here is to decarbonate your Flower first, just follow our simple steps above and remember don’t grind it into a powder. The key to cooking or baking with CBD Flower is to make sure it only provides a subtle taste, if you grind it too finely it can actually overpower your dish making it unpleasant to eat.

CBD Flower can be mixed into your brownies or cake mix, infuse it for CBD coconut oil or add CBD to your favourite spice or herb mix to season your favourite meals in the kitchen, its application is endless. 

Make Cannabutter using CBD Flower

One of the least daunting ways to add CBD into your routine is through cooking. For consumers who don’t enjoy the taste, it’s a way to get the benefits they experience without being overpowered with the taste.

Cannabutter is an incredible way to incorporate CBD Flower into your daily routine and once you’ve made it, you store it in the fridge so it’s easily accessible. You just need to replace normal butter with your Cannabutter in all your regular recipes. In some cases, you can even mix your CBD Flower Cannabutter with regular butter, half and a half if you find it’s too strong in flavour. This method will also mean your Cannabutter will last longer.

It’s very simple to make, all you need is a saucepan, a bowl, a baking sheet and some cheesecloth to wrap it in.

For your ingredients again it’s very straightforward, one stick of unsalted butter, 1 cup of water and we recommend using 2 grams of your CBD Hemp Flower of choice.

How to Make CannaButter With CBD Flower

  • Decarbonate your CBD Flower using the steps above.
  • Heat your butter and water in a saucepan together. Stir in your flower, making sure to have the pot at a simmer. Leave for 50/60 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • Using a rubber band, secure your cheesecloth over your bowl, gently pour your mixture over the cheesecloth and into the bowl, draining it. 
  • Place in the fridge until your mixture solidifies, drain any excess liquid and store in a container with a lid.
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Now you're ready to use your CBD Flower Cannabutter in all your favourite recipes. 

Best Method to Store CBD Flower

You know how to take your CBD Flower, but how do you store it? CBD Flower like every organic product out there can go bad, we want to look at the best ways for you to store your flower so that you don’t end up having to bin it, let’s face it, there would be nothing worse. 

It is recommended to store your CBD Flower in a sealed glass jar. Mason Jars are one of the best types of jars to use as they are well sealed with a wide opening, glass also cures the hemp flower and prevents it from degrading over time as it would in a plastic bag.

CBD Flower should be stored at mild temperatures away from dampness and overheating to avoid mould or mildew forming on the buds. Keep it away from direct sunlight and never overpack the container, at most it should be three-quarters full.

Best CBD Flower Strains to buy in UK

Similar to Marijuana Flower or CBD Buds, CBD Hemp Flower comes in all different strains, usually referred to as CBD Hemp Varieties. Below we’ve looked at the top five CBD Hemp Flower Strains on the market today and detailed what makes them worth trying.

Hawaiian Haze:
With a slightly lower CBD level of approx 13%, it’s a refreshing strain for energizing your day. A mix of Hawaiian and Haze strains usually appears as a classic green bud with lavender hues.

Pact full of tropical aromas pineapple. Mango and citrus make it a morning delight. 

Cherry Wine:
Cherry Wine CBD Flower is one of the most popular strains on the market, a cross between two of the top CBD strains, Charlotte's Cherries and Wife, it has an exceptionally high CBD level of as much as 22%.

Cherry Wine is a sweet aromatic cherry flavour with hints of black pepper.

Bubba Kush:
Bubba Kush CBD Flower has bright orange hairs and deep purple hues it’s a highly pungent strain, with approx. 16% CBD.

It's a decadent blend of coffee, chocolate and coconut with just a hint of citrus keep it firmly on the favourites list for CBD Hemp Flower Strains.

Sour Space Candy:
Sour Space Candy CBD Flower’s appearance is vibrantly green, purple and orange, and is a hybrid of Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. It usually boasts approx. 19.4% CBD.

More popular for daytime users, this CBD Hemp Flower Sour Space Candy is a citrusy burst of fresh tropical fruits and a summer blossom aroma with just a hint of pine.

Electra appears light in colour and is dense with deep orange hairs. With up to 19% CBD it is a pairing of Early Resin Berry and ACDC.

This strain is full of terpenes and is a solid favourite at once; it's citrusy, sweet and piney, packed full of aromas for everyone to enjoy. 

Should you find yourself in a position to try some CBD Hemp Flower, these are the ones to try.

What Is An Artisan CBD Flower?

If you feel that CBD Flower is the best delivery method for you it might be time to start using Artisan Hemp Flower. These highly cultivated Flowers increase the benefits of CBD, often boasting much higher levels of CBD than their regular counterparts. In combination with that, they are usually grown to increase potency, improving the entire experience of using CBD Hemp Flower. 

Artisan CBD Flower is hand-trimmed after harvest then dried and cured for 60-days in premium growing and cultivation facilities. The reason for this is to remove or reduce the impact of man-made chemicals and protect hemp against contamination and bacteria.

With the entire process of cultivation done by hand, artisan growers and master cultivators carefully monitor every step of the harvesting process, ensuring the highest level of quality in your Artisan CBD Hemp Flower.  

What’s the Difference between CBD Flower & CBG Flower?

As we previously mentioned there are over 150 cannabinoids currently known to us in the cannabis plant. While CBD has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, CBG is beginning to get a lot of recognition as well.

CBG is the original cannabinoid. It is known as the precursor to all other cannabinoids and without it, none of what is currently happening on the CBD market would be possible. CBG stands for cannabigerol.

CBG was discovered back in the 1960s, by a group of scientists that we're able to isolate this specific cannabinoid and with the recent growth in popularity surrounding CBD Flower and other products growers are already trying to figure out the best methods to cross-breed their plants to produce higher levels of CBGa. 

Is CBD Flower or CBG Flower Better?

Choosing which cannabinoid is right for you is the user's choice, they both have reportedly similar effects for people. It’s important to find a strain you enjoy and pick the flower that works best for you.

CBG Flower has a naturally occurring lower level of THC than CBD but remains high in potency, making it an enjoyable experience for users who like to experience the flavours of their Flower. For others they use both, using CBG Flower after smoking Full Spectrum CBD Flower can minimize any trace THC.

What is important to note is that CBG directly reacts with your endocannabinoid system, whereas CBD has a slightly more roundabout way of taking effect, so for users who don’t feel like CBD Flower is having much of an effect on them, perhaps CBG Flower is a better option for you.

Does CBD Flower help

CBD Flower is incredibly high in CBD, which is what makes it so popular in countries like the US, giving a higher calming effect without the psychoactive component of cannabis, smoking CBD Flower in countries where it is legal is on the rise. 

Smoking CBD Flower is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD and has the added benefit of allowing you to really experience the flavours of the terpenes in your chosen strain.

So in conclusion CBD Flower is worth trying, as it might just end up being your preferred method of consumption. However, only do so if it is legal in your area and safe to purchase.

If you are based in the UK and are still interested in trying CBD in one of its legal forms there is an abundance of options waiting for you to try in the form of edibles, tinctures and topicals that are all completely safe to buy over the counter or online.

Until more research is carried out we can’t say for definite but the World Health Organization has labelled CBD as a generally safe substance with no potential for abuse of dependency (  Just remember to do your research on companies CoA’s to check that you are always buying a safe product that won’t leave you feeling ‘high’ but allow you to experience this amazing plant's true potential. 

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