Greenheart is a key platinum sponsor at the World CBD Awards

Greenheart CBD has been announced as a key platinum sponsor at the next World CBD Awards to be held in Barcelona, 12-15 July 2022. Greenheart is a brand that’s making waves, not only for the premium oils they produce but for their innovative approach to business and farming.

This sponsorship deal sees Greenheart rise to the CBD major league. They’ll be present at this major international event as a producer, speaker and, no doubt, award-nominee in multiple categories.

A spokesperson for the World CBD Awards says, “Greenheart is a true seed to shelf company, paving the way when it comes to innovation. We are delighted to have them as a sponsor and are excited to see what's next for them!”

An event with a difference

The event, which combines an expo with a conference and awards gala recognises and acknowledges the best of the best in CBD. The awards focus on transparency – there is no internal involvement in the testing and judging of the nominees’ products. They also rank ethics as a high priority for future award winners. The legality, testing and compliance of products is of the utmost importance to World CBD Awards organisers.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the major and upcoming producers and innovators in the CBD world. Plus, it’s a chance to finally celebrate in person–the extraordinary success of CBD over the last few years. With 22 awards up for grabs, there’s bound to be some fierce competition. An award-winning product is something to shout about and it can boost international sales.

The market for CBD is soaring. From a niche product, it has grown to one that’s in every pharmacy and health food store and many more homes. There’s no stopping it as global sales are projected to reach US$4384 million by 2026.

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This Expo allows Greenheart to showcase their premium quality CBD products. There has never been a better time because the reputation and health benefits of CBD needs to be upheld. With the financial gains to be had, a glut of substandard products from questionable sources are entering the market, hoping to capture a market of first-time purchasers.

Greenheart Product Image

Reaching new heights in AI

The high demands set by the World CBD Awards organisers are not a problem for Greenheart, as they pride themselves on transparency and traceability ‘from seed to sale’. They produce CBD oils of the purest, highest quality. It’s extracted from organic hemp grown on Irish farms by a network of committed producers. But Greenheart are reaching new heights in CBD production and technology due to their innovative use of drones.

The crop is monitored at every stage using robotic artificial intelligence (AI) drones. Founders Paul Walsh and Mark Canavan are working with ZenaDrone from Vancouver, Canada. This has led to the introduction of AI drones flying over hemp fields to record the health of the crop. The information and data gathered is accessible via an app.

Furthermore, these drones are able to remove male plants from the ground before they pollinate the females. This leads to a much higher CBD content in the remaining crop and a drastically reduced workload for the farmer. The company believes that technology, combined with a gentle, cold-pressed extraction process, helps produce 100% Irish oils that offer superior quality, strength, taste and aroma.

Leading the way in blockchain technology

Greenheart could be front runners for numerous awards at the World CBD Awards in 2022. This is because they are continually searching for new ways to improve not just CBD oil production, but the business models around it. The company has launched its own crypto token and, in doing so, have implemented blockchain technology into its CBD business.

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Greenheart tokens are tokens that can be bought and redeemed for products. Traders using the tokens are entitled to the biggest discounts on Greenheart products. The currency is being traded live, so it has genuine value. The company welcomes interest from other sustainable Irish companies that are keen to employ this economic model for their own products.

Greenheart are looking to the future and embracing the technology that will improve every stage of CBD oil production. Overall, everyone involved is very hopeful and excited for the World CBD Awards where they have the opportunity to spread their innovative insights – and premier products – around the world.


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