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Black market THC vape liquid sparks fear in UK

It’s a story we’ve been following closely over the last few weeks; Illicit, black market e-liquid and vape oils in the US. Following our initial report in late August about a fatality linked to unregulated, black market THC vape liquid and the unapproved additive vitamin E acetate, we are now hearing about four more deaths all purportedly caused by the same substance.

These reports have sparked concern across the globe, but Head of Tobacco Control at Public Health England, Martin Dockrell, wants to assuage the fears of UK consumers, saying “Unlike the US, all e-cigarette products in the UK are tightly regulated for quality and safety by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and they operate the yellow card scheme, encouraging vapers to report any bad experiences”.

Anyone concerned can check the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s website to see if the product they’re using is registered and legal to sell.

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