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CBD Christmas pudding is a thing now

Ah, Christmas. The season of twinkling street lights, Santa hats, and trying not to eat every chocolate in your advent calendar in one sitting. We believe that preparation is everything and we have even a Christmas gift guide should the best CBD and Cannabis oil based present that your friends, family and significant other will like. So enjoy browsing the gifts and maybe even but something for yourself before the holidays start.

Unfortunately, it is also a season of unbridled stress and anxiety. Picture it: busy highstreets, bankrupting yourself trying to find the perfect gift for everyone you care about, hearing the same Christmas songs on a loop for the next six weeks. On top of all that, there’ll be several festive family gatherings rife with potential for nuclear fallout that you’ll be dealing with well into the new year.

But all that could be a thing of Christmas past, thanks to Just when you thought CBD-infused food had reached its limit, the festive season came along with a whole new offering: CBD Christmas pudding.

That’s right, this year you and your loved ones could quash all your Christmas quarrels with the help of some CBD-infused dessert to chill everyone out.

“Have one of these babies tucked away in the cupboard and you’ll be able to diffuse any Christmas emergency. Extra guest? There’s plenty of pudding to go round! Big row kicking off? CBD to the rescue.”

Firebox even boast that it could give Nigella a run for her money, but we’ll leave that up to anyone who tries it out. These handmade, personal-sized CBD puddings are available for under a tenner on

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