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Why yoga with CBD is the key to mindfulness

Eyes closed, legs comfortably apart with arms outstretched to the sky. Any moment now I am expecting to feel some sort of enlightenment, but in truth, I just feel anxiety ridden uneasiness about the whole thing.

Sitting barefoot on the grass with my YouTube yoga instructor bellowing orders, I am consciously aware that at any moment someone might look into my back garden and catch me doing ridiculous, awkward looking poses and get a good sneering laugh at my expense.

If I am not thinking about nosey neighbours I am instead thinking about the kids and all the jobs that need to be done in the house. Not exactly the cosmic connection I was anticipating from my new hobby. Something had to give, and it did. I quit yoga.

CBD oil

I had read about CBD anti-anxiety effects but was put off by the cost of it.
Last week's panic ridden anxiety though was the final straw and I decided to invest in myself for once by purchasing a small bottle of CBD oil and figure out the dosage after.

Searching online I found no official dosage from any health authority and so I resorted to the much publicised “go small and slow” approach.

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Using a CBD tincture bottle, I took 25mg each morning and 25mg each night, and as the weather improved so did my optimism and I decided to go back out to the lawn and give yoga one more shot.

CBD reduces stress and anxiety

Eyes closed and listening to my YouTube instructor, I performed the different postures to the best of my ability. I can officially confirm that CBD does not magically make you better at yoga.
But something was different.

I was calmer and much more relaxed this time. At one point I heard a noise coming from my neighbour's backyard but rather than get anxious, it was like I subconsciously dismissed it as nothing and quickly focused back to what I was doing.

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Man yoga

My racing mind was now confined to concentrating only on the instructions coming from my virtual guru. CBD for me was calmness and relaxation personified.

I noticed my breathing was much better too and less contracted as it had been the first day. I don't know if this was the result of some physiological change or simply as a result of my mind being calm and as a result my breathing.

CBD & mindfulness

It's been a few weeks now of a daily regime of 30 minutes yoga (AKA me stretching muscles I never knew I had) and taking explain CBD oil twice daily. After weeks of watching the same video over and over, I decided to leave the laptop inside the house and just perform what I could remember.


This time it was completely different. There was no instructors voice filling the airwaves. It was just me. The thoughts that had occupied my once rampant mind had subsided and were quite subdued. I was not by any means speaking to a higher power but for once I wasn't speaking to that voice in my head reminding me of the 101 jobs that needed to be done. It was just me, the fresh air and the soft ground at my feet.

CBD health and exercise

CBD and yoga are now a part of my daily routine and I am not only feeling better mentally and emotionally but my body is beginning to stretch out more and more each day. I feel healthier and I am much fitter than I have been since the pre-children days. Knowing my body is getting into shape is giving me more confidence and as a result, I feel better these days.

CBD & spirituality

Sometimes I feel like there is a cosmic plan to life and other times I question my reality to the point of feeling depressed that it might all be for nothing. For me, CBD relaxed my nerves and improved my mood to the point where rather than searching for a higher source I simply appreciated what I had.

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The more grateful I was for everything I had, my life, my family, my friends, even being able to walk on the grass with my feet, the better I felt. Maybe through feeling good, I might feel God? Who knows? The only difference between them both is one little letter. To find the best CBD products for sale always use referrals.

CBD & recovery

The postures I attempt to perform can sometimes leave my muscles feeling quite sore, especially if I overstretch. Sometimes I take an extra dose of CBD oil immediately afterwards to aid with the recovery as CBD has known anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. For Fathers day I received a novel gift from my kids (aka wife). CBD balm.

I still take CBD oil but now if I over assert myself I apply some balm to the worst affected areas and within an hour I feel the muscles relaxing. Swami gurus in India might not need CBD oil to calm the mind and body but it certainly helps this Western mind.

CBD empowers me to look after myself, and a healthy parent makes me a better spouse and a more patient parent and that's what everyone in my house really wants even our dog who likes CBD.

Johnny Hughes

Johnny Hughes is an avid writer and advocate of cannabis-based medications. Following a decade in corporate banking, Jonny transitioned his part-time love of writing into a blossoming full-time career.

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