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CBD supplements, can they improve your gym workout?

CBD supplements for athletes are a relatively new product on the market, and It is undeniable that they bring many benefits.

The only issue is that comes with CBD sports supplements is that they are not commonly used within the fitness industry, but the number of athletes that are starting to use CBD is increasing day by day thanks to astonishing results and quick recovery times.

CBD Sport Supplements
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So Let's present in short the main concepts of the fitness industry and CBD to understand the complexity

  • Gym supplements
    • Whether you're big into the gym or not you've heard of the everyday supplements such as Whey Protein and Creatine. It is a well-known fact among athletes and fitness enthusiasts that supplements can help aid their performance in many ways such as aided recovery and help them reach their goals faster.
    • Exercise can cause a lot of stress to your body and muscle fibres. Exercises to build muscles and improve physical performance involves processes such as muscle breakdown which can lead to fatigue, pain and injuries.
  • What you need to know about CBD
    • CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound extracted from cannabis. It is a safe, non-addictive product with many health benefits including:
    • CBD contain Anti-inflammatory agents
    • Improves skin conditions e.g. acne
    • Improvement to mood and reduced stress
    • Pain relief

What are CBD gym supplements?

CBD supplements are just like your regular everyday supplements, with a catch. They all have the added benefits of using CBD. As you're already familiar CBD can help with pain relief and reduction of inflammation.


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Can CBD enhance performance?

CBD is used as a supplement by a wide range of people for pain relief and it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory for workouts. Whether you're new to the gym or it's your second home you'll know there's nothing worse than working out too hard and not being able to move for a few days.

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CBD supplements improve muscle repair and a drop before a workout can relieve the pain so you can power through your workout.

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The antidepressant properties of CBD can also help to boost your mood. And a good mood can lead to a very productive session in the gym.

CBD and muscle building

Have you heard of Cortisol? It's the hormone associated with the stress levels in our body. CBD has also been known to drastically reduce Cortisol levels. Cortisol can sometimes be responsible for hindering muscle growth in the body.

A daily CBD supplement can lower your cortisol levels and increase your flow of energy as well as stamina and endurance, allowing you to breeze through your training session.

CBD and weight loss

If muscle building isn't your gym goal then you're probably looking to lose weight. You're in luck. Once again CBD has you covered. CBD supplements for athletes have the ability to regulate blood sugar levels which in turn results in less fat being stored in our bodies.

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And if that's not good enough you'll also have the added benefit of having good insulin levels, lowering the risk of developing type two diabetes.

Hemp Protein Powder
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What CBD gym supplements can you get?

There are many different types of CBD Gym Supplements and we're going to look at some of the best from CBD Village.


CBDvillage provides a very interesting CBD pre-workout drink. It's called Endo Sport CBD Isotonic Sports Drink and it comes in two flavours: Orange or Berry tropical.

Why should you consider these instead of your typical energy drinks?


EndoSport CBD Energy drink
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They are a lot healthier than your average energy drink and still have a delicious taste. There is 10mg of CBD in each bottle that give an additional boost to your regular pre-workout product and it's suitable for all diets as it is vegan friendly. Make sure to add this to your next pre-workout routine.

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CBD protein

Protein is an essential part of every workout and diet. Whether it comes from eggs, meat or from whey powder you need protein for muscle growth.

Canna Whey Protein with Infused CBD
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Each 34g serving contains 30g of high-quality whey protein and 35mg CBD isolate. While proteins are directly responsible for muscle growth CBD is there to heal stressed muscles and we all know that relaxed muscle fibres that are not inflamed growing faster than stressed, so why not help them grow faster.


If you've reached the end of this article and haven't put some CBD gym supplements on your shopping list you're missing out on some serious progress in the gym. Take look at the amazing results that are achieved by other fitness athletes like Bodybuilder Kieran Kevan, Fitness lecturer John Buckland, Rugby player Kruis and Tennis player John Isner and many others. We, at the extract, cannot recommend CBD Gym Supplements enough.

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