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Mary Berry hits back at CBD scam artists

Mary Berry has hit back at scam artists using her image to sell low-quality CBD oil – without her knowledge or consent.

The culinary legend and former Great British Bake Off judge said that she was “appalled” to learn that the makers of Bionic Bliss CBD oil were using her image in ads to trick customers into thinking she had endorsed their product.

Berry, aged 84, said that she became aware of the ads after fans contacted her to say they had been scammed by the company.

Berry and her team are now taking legal action against Bionic Bliss and the “dishonest” ads, which claim that Berry wouldn’t be alive without their CBD oil.

A public statement on Mary Berry’s official Facebook page reads “Mary has been appalled to learn of unaffiliated companies using her image to advertise products like CBD Oil and face cream online.

“These are not genuine endorsements and the companies do not have permission to use Mary’s image to sell these products.”

The post confirmed that Berry’s legal team are working on having the ads removed from Facebook.

Berry is not the first celebrity to be used by scam artists to sell low-quality CBD oil. In January, actor Tom Hanks called out Cannapro CBD for publicising a fake endorsement using his name.


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This is false and an intentional hoax. I’ve never said this and would never make such an endorsement. Come on, man! Hanx!

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