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Grado unveils $420 hemp headphone

Brooklyn-based audio brand Grado has launched a signature headphone made from hemp-infused wooden body complete with pot-leaf insignia. The Hemp Headphones are quite specifically launched with a very particular customer in mind.

Having played around with limited editions and different types of wood and composites the new Hemp Headphone is made from maple wood and “highly compressed hemp.”

Grado headphones have been known over the years, unfavourably, for their uncomfortable design. And their open-air can design also won’t make them ideal for going back to the office where outside noise is likely to be a factor.

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However, the company has survived by catering its most impressive efforts towards their die-hard fans. These listeners are more likely to be hanging out at home with XLR or phono outputs than to connect to their Bluetooth.

The kicker to all this is that the new headphones are priced at $420. This isn’t exactly the kind of price tag that is going to be enticing to many in the current pandemic. But if you’ve got the cash and enjoy quality sound, then these limited edition headphones might be for you.

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