Brand spotlight: Who are Hemp Bombs and why does the UK love them

Based in Tampa, Florida, Hemp Bombs are a CBD brand that caters to a wide customer base and provides a large product line to the CBD consumer market. Founded in 2016, Hemp Bombs are leading hemp sourcers, developers, manufacturers, and retailers with years in the CBD industry gathering quite the reputation.

They are proud of their best practices and clear on their impact on the CBD market; providing a knowledgeable team of experts, conscious sourcing methods, in-house manufacturing, and strict multistage lab testing.

With over 200 employees of research professionals, food scientists, and creatives, Hemp Bombs seek to provide solace and calm in their customers' lives. Hemp Bombs CBD never cut corners on quality or promise. Impressively, the brand challenges the industry to be “more reliable, more effective, (and) more committed to your safety and satisfaction. In other words, more peace of mind”.

Conscious sourcing methods

Hemp Bombs source their CBD from American farms that are monitored under sustainable conditions. Although Hemp Bombs outsources their quality hemp, they are diligent to ensure they maintain a close relationship with suppliers and only work with ones that meet their strict standards.

Notably, the brand is stringent in its selection process and always seeks to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Strict legalities and non-toxic – Hemp Bombs sources from industrial hemp farms that work under strict legal regulations including the promise that customers receive CBD products containing no more than 0.3 % THC, as obliged by US law. The brand is also proud of its hemp’s growing methods in that its sources are free from pesticides and toxins that could otherwise be harmful.
  • Experienced farming partners – Hemp Bombs CBD only ever works with trusted farmers who are transparent on their working conditions and growing methods, building a strong relationship that spans over a number of years.
  • Environmentally conscious – Sustainable and environmentally friendly, Hemp Bombs use sources that seek to celebrate the earth from which the hemp grows, rather than destroy it. That’s why Hemp Bombs never source from farmers that use toxins or fertilisers to grow their hemp.

In-house manufacturing

Based in a 110,000 square foot facility, the business operates on a complete “in-house’ mentality ensuring that products are developed to the brand’s highest standards. Hemp Bombs overview everything from beginning to end – and no process goes unattended. They like to do the hard work themselves, providing expertly crafted products using up-to-date technologies and machinery for extracting the best quality hemp from sourcing, production, and the labeling of the final end product.

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Essentially, strict sourcing practices are in place to collect the highest quality hemp. Then, everything from oils, gummies, and other classic edibles is made on site.

Multistage lab testing

A true asset to the brand, Hemp Bombs are transparent about the importance of third-party lab testing when it comes to their hemp-derived CBD products. With nothing to hide, the brand dedicates a section on their website to thorough test reports for the consumer’s safety and ease of mind.

The importance of the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for any CBD brand is essential and necessary for the brand’s trust and image, but also for the company to be able to operate legally. A COA is a legal document that’s issued to communicate that a product meets specific requirements of quality control. In this case, Hemp Bombs’ CBD product line must contain no more than the legal amount of 0.3 % THC dry weight.

Uniquely, should you happen across their products you may find Hemp Bombs’ packaging includes a QR code (a scannable quick response code) that will bring you straight to their website where you can search through the results page.

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All product information is clear and concise, including but not limited to; ingredients, measurements, concentrations, and expiry dates. These may seem like fairly straightforward requirements, and yet many brands do not adhere to the standards that have been set by Hemp Bombs.

The best Hemp Bombs CBD products

CBD gummies

Gummies are an all-time CBD favourite as a quick and easy option for getting your CBD fix. They look just like regular sweets and provide a subtle way to enjoy CBD during the day or on the go. Extremely simple and discreet, CBD gummies are perfect for those of us who would like a familiar edible experience versus an oil or capsule form.

Hemp Bombs stocks an array of CBD gummies that are widely popular, ranging from micrograms of 120 mg for beginners to 1500 mg for CBD regulars. As with any CBD brand, the price of the product will rise depending on the CBD microgram count. Perhaps their highest CBD count to date and the most expensive gummy pack is their high potency 3000 mg CBD gummies at $155.00. However, if you are accustomed to taking CBD at a high potency, then you may find this product to be the best value for money.

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Their gummies use pure CBD extract (cannabidiol) and each different pack has a different potency of CBD per gummy, which is clearly stated on the product’s description page. The gummies also state that they are nut-free, dairy-free, low sodium, fat-free, with no artificial sweeteners or added MSG.

CBD capsules

Capsules are also considered a discreet way to incorporate CBD into your daily life, without generating unwanted questions. As many of us enjoy a ritual of daily multi-vitamins, CBD capsules can be included in a similar way.

CBD capsules are perfect for those of us who do not enjoy a sweet treat and simply just need some CBD benefits – with no aftertaste or need to chew. Of course, CBD capsules are more suitable for those of us who don’t mind swallowing a capsule whole.

Hemp Bombs’ CBD capsules are one of the best on the market, providing you with added calcium and magnesium in every capsule. Easily digestible and high concentration, these capsules provide you with needed nutrients and comforting CBD benefits. The brand offers a wide range of capsules of different strengths, including their 3000 mg capsule bottle that includes 30 mg per capsule for those of us who are regular takers.

CBD oils

CBD can be found in a more traditional liquid form, such as an oil or tincture that comes in bottles with a dropper. More than likely, CBD oils will be enjoyed in a home setting, but can also be a good travel companion. As CBD oils have a small list of added ingredients, this form of CBD allows the product to rank up in potency levels.

Hemp Bombs also offer concentrated high-quality CBD oils to be taken directly through the mouth. Their oils come in natural hemp flavour but also in a variety of flavours including; acai berry, chocolate mint, orange creamsicle, peppermint, watermelon for those of us who like to somewhat mask the CBD natural taste. Hemp Bombs are proud of their oil’s tasting qualities as they can be enjoyed solo or added to your favourite drinks and recipes.

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The brand also boasts about the minimal ingredients included in their tinctures, which makes them perfect for adding to topical products, such as face masks and body scrubs. As a suggestion, start off with a low mg dosage when it comes to applying CBD topically, and work your way up to higher potencies once your body has adjusted. If you are unsure, you can always perform a patch test.

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Their highest mg concentrate is their 5000 mg CBD oil that includes a 30 ml bottle of pure CBD extract.

CBD topicals

CBD pain relief rubs

Treat post-workout pains with Hemp Bombs pain relief rubs that include pure CBD extract. Intended to rub onto wounds and stiff muscles, Hemp Bombs’ topical relief rubs are an incredible option provided by the brand to target specific areas of concern.

Known as the “CBD Pain Freeze” they use 4% menthol in combination with high-quality CBD to revitalise joints and painful muscles after an intense session.

CBD roll-ons

Similar to the pain relief rubs, Hemp Bombs’ CBD roll-ons are perfect for on-the-go CBD. Small, discreet, and compact, the roll-ons offer a quick way to treat areas of the skin as you go about your day – rather than carrying around a large tub.

The brand loves their roll-on creation as a mess-free alternative to a lotion or a balm that is quick to treat the area of discomfort and long-lasting. For both the pain relief rubs and the mini roll-on, Hemp Bombs suggests using a thin layer on clean skin for the best possible absorption.

In addition to pain relief roll-ons, the brand also provides essential oil roll-ons for sleep and focus. Said to enhance your mood and overall wellness, essential oils can be used topically on the skin in a safe manner by trusted brands such as Hemp Bombs CBD.

The “Sleep” roll-on is formulated with peppermint and lavender essential oil, where premium CBD is the carrier oil to calm and de-stress. Whereas, the “Focus” roll-on uses lime, lemon, and tangerine essential oils to re-energise and awaken the senses.

CBD patches

Available as patches for sleep and patches for pain relief, Hemp Bombs’ CBD patches are widely popular due to their discreet and subtle effects. Wearable for between 8 – 12 hours, the patches offer a range of CBD benefits that enter through the skin directly to the bloodstream.

Formulated with the sleep hormone melatonin, the sleep patches provide you with some much-needed rest after a busy day and/or week. The sleep patches work as a general relaxant, while the pain patches target specific areas of the body that are experiencing discomfort. The pain patches contain lidocaine and 50 mg CBD to soothe and provide relief to the targeted area.

CBD beauty

Bath bombs

Relax and unwind with CBD in an intoxicating bubble bath! Perhaps one of the most unique finds is Hemp Bombs’ CBD bath bombs. If you would prefer not to ingest CBD, then these bath bombs may be perfect for you to reap the relaxing benefits of CBD without the commitment to an edible or oil.

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The variety pack allows you to try all three bath bomb ranges, including; Signature, Relieve & Soothe, and Sleepy Dreams. With 75 mg CBD per bath bomb, these are an efficient way to relax along with the heat of a bath after the working day.

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CBD lotion

Formulated with shea butter, mango butter, and marula oil, Hemp Bombs’ CBD hand and body lotion give you a CBD fix to look after your skin to provide hydration and long-lasting moisturisation. Using 125 mg of premium cannabidiol, the CBD lotion is rich and non-oily in texture, creating a powerful comforter to dry skin. It’s important to keep in mind that the lotion is perfect for use on the entire body, but may be too heavy for use on the face.

Beard bundle

Unique to the brand is their CBD beard products to moisturise and calm the often irritated beard facial area. Available as separates or as a bundle, Hemp Bombs includes a beard oil and beard balm that contains 50 mg CBD in total.

If you’re looking to change the look of your beard by making it appear healthier, feel smoother, and be generally better maintained, then a CBD beard product could be perfect for you. The oil is luxurious in quality and scent, using a combination of argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and bourbon sandalwood oil. Whereas, the wax provides much of the same ingredients with added beeswax to sculpt and hold your beard in place.

Hemp Bombs enjoy their beard range as a way to combat irritation and itchy beards, using the power of CBD while controlling and nourishing the hairs. Both products should be massaged in after cleansing and showering for ultimate effectiveness.

Take care if you have a strict animal-free diet

It’s important to note, the brand does not promise to be vegan or cruelty-free, with many of their CBD edibles, such as their gummies and capsules, containing animal-based gelatine.

Hemp Bombs are at least honest in their approach to the vegan community, advising that their best option would be to purchase their high-quality CBD oil due to its' limited ingredients and vegan formula. Their CBD oils contain only; hemp Oil, grape seed oil, MCT oil and peppermint or watermelon flavouring.

However, this is not a be-all-and-end-all deal breaker as Hemp Bombs has an extensive product line to suit all your individual dietary needs. As well as edibles, the brand has an extensive topical range that may not carry animal-derived by-products (always check the ingredient list).

Become a CBD affiliate with Hemp Bombs

If you’d like to promote CBD products while gaining a little bit extra for yourself, then Hemp Bombs’ affiliate partnership might be an exciting prospect for you. You could earn up to 20% commissions on CBD sales with Hemp Bombs’ affiliate program. All you have to do is share your new hemp goodies with your online audience either through social media or your blog/website to receive a personalised affiliate code or link.

The affiliate program is not a one-and-done type of scheme. Hemp Bombs’ allows your link to take effect for up to 30 days, meaning that cookies monitor if your user buys via your link – even after some days have passed.

Unlike some other brands, Hemp Bombs CBD wants you to succeed and earn in return for promotion. They allow you to take from a bank of creative resources, including banners, graphics, and a monthly newsletter that will help you in your affiliate content journey.

Hemp Bombs UK

It’s no wonder Hemp Bombs CBD is taking its spot on the CBD market and UK households with its incredible brand awareness, vision, and extensive product line. Suitable for all CBD lovers, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and is clear on any anxieties you may have around trying CBD products.

When choosing to shop or distribute Hemp Bombs, you are choosing a dedicated and experienced brand that is transparent about all aspects of its business.

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