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Amid the ever-growing CBD and cannabis boom (which shows no signs of stopping any time soon), there has been a considerable number of innovative UK businesses moving into the CBD and hemp sphere. One of the newest ones to emerge is HuGG, which is the brainchild of UK-based cannabis biotech company CiiTECH.

HuGG have developed a full line of products catering to every need of CBD aficionados, from your standard CBD oil tinctures to CBD bath salts, CBD skin care and CBD infused coffee (they’ve even created a sustainable cup to keep it in).

Before developing HuGG, CiiTECH have partnered with the University of Jerusalem, which is known globally as the epicenter of CBD research and development – so you can be sure that the products you’re getting have been informed by the latest research and knowledge around CBD.

Ahead of their official UK launch, the Extract team tried out some of the most interesting looking products from the HuGG range to see if they can really deliver all they promise.

HuGG 1400 mg CBD oil, 10 ml


HuGG’s high-strength CBD oil tincture boasts a concentration of 1400 mg of cannabidiol, and with approximately 200 drops in a 10 ml bottle, this translates into about 7 mg of CBD per drop.

This is a quick-acting CBD oil, and produces a balancing, calming effect in a matter of 10-15 minutes. The taste may not be for everyone – considering it has a higher CBD percentage effects the dosage, it does have a slightly more potent herbal taste you get with higher strength CBD oils. The taste will dissipate pretty quickly, especially if you have coffee or something sweet on hand.

If you are adverse to that bitter, grassy taste, thankfully HuGG also sell a 350 mg CBD tincture that offers around 1.7 mg of CBD per drop, to ease you in. It also comes in at a fraction of the price, at just £24.99.

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Whitelabel CBD Infused Coffee

It might seem counteractive to pair CBD with coffee, considering one is meant to calm you down and the other is meant to hype you up for a workday. However, the two actually go together quite well – and the grounding nature of CBD means that you won’t get that jittery crash a few hours after your morning brew. Last week, The Extract staff all sat down to share a cup of HuGG’s Italian roast coarse ground coffee infused with 490 mg of CBD, to see how it goes down.


The general consensus was that this is a much milder roast than your typical blend, which HuGG do state on the packaging. This coffee is formulated with a much lighter taste to cater to most palates, but if you like your coffee dark and strong, perhaps you might be better off simply adding a drop of HuGG’s CBD oil to your regular coffee. Being on the slightly sweeter and milder side, HuGG’s CBD coffee would make an excellent cold brew for people who prefer their coffee iced.

HuGG Bath Salts

Whether you’re an athlete, or simply spend a lot of time on your feet – you’ll know the wonders a long hot bath can do for tired muscles with CBD added.

HuGG’s CBD bath salts are formulated with a combination of Himalayan and dead sea salts, along with CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe tired muscles and stiff legs after a long hard day.


HuGG promise that their CBD bath salts will “help soothe tension, extract toxins and deep cleanse mind and body for a new tomorrow”, and we would definitely agree. As well as CBD, these bath salts are blended with invigorating ingredients like ginger and sweet orange oil to get you back in fighting form. If you have a drier skin type and worry about lounging too long in a very salty bath, don’t sweat it – these salts are also infused with coconut oil to prevent your skin from drying out.

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This is probably our favourite HuGG product out of all the ones we sampled, and we can safely say that several The Extract staff felt remarkably more centred the next day, with a bit more spring in their step than usual.

Overall, HuGG’s thoughtful range of products for the modern CBD lover has earned them the Extract seal of approval, and we can’t wait to see what new products they come up with.

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