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Futuristic eco-building: 3D printed hemp houses in Australia

There are plans underway in Australia to begin creating 3D-printed hemp homes.

Perth-based biotech company Mirreco is a company that looks to harness the “explosive potential of industrial Hemp” and it’s doing so in innovative ways.

Mirreco says that it can 3D print floors, walls, and even roofs all using carbon-neutral hemp panels. The company recently unveiled its concept for hemp homes which were designed by the architectural company Arcforms, also based in Perth.

“The floors, walls and roof will all be made using hemp biomass, and the windows will incorporate cutting-edge technology that allows light to pass through glass where it is converted into electricity,” Mirreco stated.

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3D printed homes

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, the town of Bosrijk, near Eindhoven, will become the site for sustainable 3D printed homes.

The landmark achievement, called Project Milestone, will consist of five 3D-printed concrete houses and residents are expected to move in over the coming year.

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Project Milestone, which has been spearheaded by the Eindhoven University of Technology has been described as a game changer. It’s hoped by the developers that this will encourage 3D building worldwide.

“With this technology we can do things we couldn’t do before,” Theo Salet, EUT Professor of the Built Environment said. “In design, for instance, we can create shapes that normally can hardly be made, and that if they can be made, are only produced in large quantities. But here we can do unique industrial custom-made work.”

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  1. Most 3D printed houses created to date are concept builds, but there are some projects around the world that are aimed at producing 3D houses fit for habitation. We have included a few examples below.

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