Quintessential – Fighting for sustainability for 30 years

Candice Meskin is a goldmine of information for everything you ever wanted to know about hemp sustainability – and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

As the CEO and founder of Quintessential Tips, Meskin has been fighting for sustainability for 30 years, selling products made from environmentally friendly materials. After starting off trading in market spaces, Quintessential Tips has since grown into an online CBD store, as well as a bricks-and-mortar shop based in Cornwall.

In conversation with The Extract, Meskin detailed how using environmentally friendly materials has always been part of the company’s ethos. Quintessential Tips became trailblazers when they introduced chlorine-free smoking papers 25 years ago. Decades after making the move himself, Meskin is thankful that many of the larger companies are finally choosing sustainable materials.

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“29 trees are cut down every second in this world just for paper alone, 2.7 million trees come down every single year. Approximately 410 million metric tonnes of paper are consumed every year, and 57% of that is for packaging alone, and I imagine that most of that is single-use.”

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