Sun-grown hemp coupled with a slow extraction process for a holistic product

While the CBD movement has gained serious traction in the last year, it’s a focus on whole-plant products has set UK producers CannaWell apart from other businesses in rapidly growing CBD industry.

The company has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to high-quality CBD products, after opening their doors in 2015 before the relatively recent CBD boom.

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CannaWell’s success can be attributed to CEO Catherine Wilson, who also sits on the board of directors of the European Industrial Hemp Association, CannaWell favour slow-processed extract for a more holistic end product.

“We really specialize in outdoor growth, sun-kissed hemp.”

This sun-grown hemp coupled with a slow extraction process results in an extract brimming with all the great benefits of the hemp plant – not just CBD. In fact, Cannawell products are also certified organic by the UK Organic Food Federation.

“We have terpenes, ketones and phenols, and vitamins and minerals.”

CannaWell produce a solid range of CBD pet care products, from CBD skincare to oil tinctures for you and your pets. They even make vegan, gluten-free and palm oil-free chocolates specially formulated with relaxing terpenes to give you a great night’s sleep.

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One common complaint customers often have about CBD products is that they’re just too expensive for sustained use. With that in mind, CannaWell generously offer their customers a considerable discount for anyone relying on financial assistance such as Universal Credit, PIP and ESA.

“As one of the longest established hemp CBD companies in the UK, we started offering our premium products because we genuinely care for the well-being of people, animals and the planet.

At CannaWell we believe that everyone should have access to quality hemp CBD products.”

On top of all that, the company has gone through the effort of making their products genuinely nice to look at – an area in which many other CBD companies seem to falter. Cannawell’s skincare line is packaged with a chic botanical motif that anyone would be proud to have sitting on their bathroom shelf.

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