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A different kind of magic mushroom

We’ve all heard of magic mushrooms. No doubt some of us have even dabbled in a bit or two. Cannabotech, an Israeli medical marijuana firm, is currently researching the most effective blends of cannabinoids, mushrooms and medicinal herbs for the treatment of a variety of conditions. However, despite sounding like the concoction of a very high mad scientist, Cannabotech is not aiming to use psychedelic mushrooms – despite increasing research into the efficacy of psilocybin (magic mushrooms). Mushrooms often associated with the illegal drugs market is not recommended to be used in the UK and similar to CBD Flower it may be available to buy in the UK but that does not mean it is legal.

Elchanan Shaked, CEO and Cofounder of Cannabotech believes that changing the ratios between the quantities of cannabinoids found in the plant and then combining those with medicinal herbs and mushrooms, you can create a final product with “very high medical effectiveness”.

When asked how Cannabotech plan to convince the more speculative among us, Shaked stated that they will “use science” to convince the public and show everyone that the industry is moving towards medical cannabis usage”.

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