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size? brings together Nike & Hemp in exclusive shoe

UK-based company size? have announced the launch of their brand new hemp-based Air Zoom Type sneaker. Seeing large world brands like Nike take hemp and sustainability seriously is a huge industry boost, for both farmers and the retailers.

The Nike launch is a remix of London and Tokyo inspired contemporary style, this shoe seems to be able to marry modern design with a robust material hemp! The design and creation  of this product has been a colaboration  of teams in England and Japan, despite these cities being huge distances apart they remain the fashion-forward capitals of the world in 2020.

The  natural “Hemp” shoe is the follow up to the impressive Nike Air Max 95 and Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 from earlier in 2020. It will hemp to boast a minimalist Japanese work-in-progress look accentuated by blue and red. The entire look of the shoe is raw and understated.

Is the “Hemp” the future?

Most interestingly, the stylish shoe also makes ample use of hemp as a raw material for the shoe. The material is known for its durability and lightweight feel making it the perfect material for the shoes of the future. Will this mean the demand for hemp grown by farmers will grow even more in 2021, no one knows for sure but with carbon credits becoming a valuable commodity and the fact the hemp plant per acre can release more oxygen and reduce the carbon in the air then nearly all cash crops its a positive for everyone on the planet.

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If an established brand like Nike finds success with a shoe design like this it will set a precedent for further shoe exploration. In the coming years, we may see shoe manufacturers embrace hemp and further grow the industry as we continue to see the great help CBD is to people and industry. The hope that more big brand will follow with hemp active ware and a full clothing line might be a little away but it's closer than it has ever been now the likes of Nike are leading the way!

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