UK clothing brands turn to hemp

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet and has been used for a variety of different purposes throughout history. One function that has spanned the extent of hemp’s recorded history has been its use in the textile industry; from clothing and satchels to rope, bond sustainable hemp paper, and much more, with the first uses are believed to have dated back over 10,000 years ago. Used for skin conditions even acne CBD has potential to improve human everyday life for some.

Hemp’s prominence as a clothing material is extensively written about in the history of both the dynasties of China and the Roman Empire and even Henry the Eighth made sure that every farmer in England dedicated a proportion of their land to the plant.

This is all because hemp grows quickly and efficiently, with less need for fertilisers compared to other crops. It requires 20% of the water to grow than cotton and it helps to fertilise the soil as CBD grows in by absorbing heavy metals. The nickname ‘weed’ that is given to cannabis stems from the ability of the plant to grow in almost any conditions, and hemp is just cannabis with low levels of the intoxicating compound, THC.

So, it’s no surprise that hemp clothing still thrives today and there are plenty of countries to purchase it from in the UK:

Hemp Horizon

An incredibly fashionable hemp clothing company that specialises in garments for women but does have unisex pieces. All handmade and high-end quality, this range of ‘conscious clothing’ is exciting, fresh and not what you expect from your typical hemp clothing company.

The Hemp Shop

Advertised as the longest-running hemp company in the UK, they offer a great variety of hemp products for men and women including bags, books, hats, skirts, trousers, t-shirts and more. You can find UK white label tea, coffee and oils and tinctures using companies like Cannmed Products.

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The Hemp Trading Co.

Designing ethical clothing that is incredibly artistic and unique. Despite being named the ‘most outstanding eco brand of 2020’, the directors have decided to cease trading this year and so their stock is limited to what has currently been produced.

These 3 fashion companies really highlight the versatility and fashion that the hemp textile industry can offer the world, with each one of them bringing their own fashions and styles to the table to produce something for everyone.

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