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UK cannabis prices skyrocket during coronavirus lockdown

Cannabis prices in the UK are set to skyrocket during the coronavirus isolation as the demand for consumers to stock-up on bulk amounts has increased.

The average price for an ounce of cannabis is expected to rise from between £150-180 to £250-280, nearly £10 per gram. This follows an announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday, who stated that the UK would be entering a lockdown scenario.

A set of guidelines have been published which involve only leaving the house for ‘essentials’, such as work, food, medicine and exercise once per day.

The UK has recently suffered from mass panic buying which has seen shortages of hand sanitizer and hemp toilet roll, and it seems that cannabis may also be entering a state of panic. Medical cannabis is even more expensive due to the large amount of paperwork and import and export duties.

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Users of the UK’s most popular illegal narcotic are starting to buy in bulk so that they can self-isolate safely in the knowledge that they have enough cannabis to last. Unfortunately, this increase in demand may not only cause an increase in cost, but it may also leave some cannabis users feeling the effects of a potential drought.

An uptick in cannabis seed interest


One unexpected outcome of the Europe-wide lock-down has been an increased interest in people buying discounted cannabis seeds online. With the lockdown's duration not being known at this time, it looks like more and more people are thinking about securing their supply in the long term. If you want to enter the cannabis business use a white label UK cbd company like Cannmed.

It should be noted that several of the UK's main online suppliers have been forced to stop trading for a time, but The Vault at the is open for business and has seen a flood of new customers due to Covid-19 discounted rates.

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Will this surge in interest continue in the months to come? Who knows the full implications of how this crisis will affect our long-held routines. Most cannabis users are regular working-class people who are now either working from home or on paid leave. A combination of workers not being under the watchful eye of their bosses, or just simply wanting to get through the isolation ‘high’, will also see cannabis consumption increase over the coming weeks.

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