UK Cannabis Social Club – “For the people who need it medically, recreationally & spiritually”

Greg de Hoedt is the Chairman and Founder of UK Cannabis Social Clubs. UK Cannabis Social Clubs believe in removing the barriers between cannabis and the people who need it, whether medically, recreationally, or spiritually. There are now around 70 cannabis social clubs in the United Kingdom, which provide access to cannabis for patients who have few other choices.

Since November 2018, the NHS has been legally allowed to prescribe UK medical cannabis, however, the amount of prescriptions given is extremely few. There are many British cannabis businesses operating within a tricky legal grey area at present and Greg wants the government to help those businesses transition into a legal industry before foreign companies take over the market.

The Extract talked to him about the benefits cannabis clubs can provide to those in need, including Greg himself who suffers from Crohn’s disease. We also discussed the self-regulating nature of the cannabis clubs, how they can assist the police and protect the public, and why next year’s Police and Crime Commissioner election is so important.

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