What’s so good about CannaHoney?

Honey can be great for the human body for a whole number of reasons. The real top-quality honey has are antioxidants which includes organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. There’s a lot of scientific evidence to back up the idea that the combination of these things provide antioxidant benefits.

Honey is also ‘less bad' than regular sugar for diabetics. Some studies have suggested that honey may be ever so slightly better than regular sugar. There are other better things for diabetics to do, such as minimizing a high-carb content diet. But if you can’t do that, then honey could be a decent substitute. Research in the effects of CBD oil for diabetes has given hope to many suffering patients.

What is Cannahoney?

Might as well answer this one right off the top. Cannahoney refers to honey which has been infused with CBD or cannabis. Pretty straightforward really. For the more conscientious among you, you might be worried about the bees. But the bees do not get high from helping in this process because bees don't actually have the neuroreceptors that would allow to have a psychoactive experience.

What are the benefits of Cannahoney?

Using CBD honey or cannahoney can help to combat a variety of issues. Much like regular CBD it has been used to aid in the fight against depression, reducing inflammation, alleviating anxiety, and much more. There is also increasing evidence to suggest that regular ingestion of CBD might be able to combat neurodegenerative diseases.


If you’re in the market for honey make sure that you’re getting the good stuff. These days you can hear a lot about Manuka honey and its ilk. But the truth is that there aren’t enough beehives in New Zealand to make the Manuka honey that is being sold in the world. The truth is that most of the stuff you will find in stores is watered down with sugar water.

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So any of the powerful benefits that you can get from Manuka honey isn’t reasonable to expect. If you want to get the good stuff you’re going to have to pay quite a lot. Isn’t that always the way. So make sure to do you research before you start buying inferior products. The same rules apply for Cannahoney; always learn where it’s sourced from.

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