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UAE says CBD not A-OK

The UK’s Foreign Office (FCO) has warned travellers not to bring products containing CBD into the United Arab Emirates.

The FCO updated its guidelines to advise all travellers that if they intend to travel to the UAE they should under no circumstances bring anything with cannabidiol into the country. It also warned that some skincare products and e-cigarettes may contain CBD oil.

While the substance has gained a surge in popularity in recent years across Europe, available in snacks, skincare products, and soaps, even a small amount can land you in serious trouble in the UAE. The illegal drug can carry a jail sentence of at least four years in the UAE.

It’s also not just physically carrying the substance that is illegal. The UAE authorities also count the presence of CBD in the bloodstream as a serious offence.

Even if you’re just transiting through the UAE do not under any circumstances carry CBD.

“UAE airports have excellent technology and security, so transiting passengers carrying even residual amounts of drugs may be arrested,” stated the FCO.

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