CBD for hangover: How to use CBD to cure your hangover

Life is short and we deserve to enjoy it and celebrate as much as possible. However, celebrations are regularly accompanied by a little something we have mixed feelings for; alcohol.

One moment we are enjoying the weekend with a cold beer in hand. Or we are catching up with an old friend and the reminiscing has led to the uncorking of another bottle of wine. However, when the party ends and it is time to sober up, a penalty can be awaiting, the hangover.

Some say “when you drink alcohol you are borrowing happiness from tomorrow.” And to many of us, that is what a hangover feels like. It feels like we must suffer for having too much fun the night before.

Hangovers – The Cause of Your Suffering

There is something poetic about getting a set amount of happiness for the week. And that hangovers bring balance to your world of pleasure and suffering. However, there is more scientific reasoning for the dreaded hangover.

Alcohol is basically a poison and when we consume too much of it, it is going to hurt us. The toxicity of alcohol can cause many negative effects including stomach issues, fatigue and memory loss.

In addition to this, alcohol causes dehydration. Although alcohol is a liquid, it is a diuretic which means it removes fluids from your blood. The pain in your head and waking up with a dry mouth are proof that you drank too much liquor, and not enough water.

Alcohol symptoms also don’t show up until most of the alcohol has left our system. This can be disastrous as we might have a couple of drinks too many the night before, unaware of the damage we are doing and the pain we will endure the next day.

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However, there may be an ancient remedy for the hangover reappearing with a modern twist to help tackle our hangovers, and that is CBD.

CBD – The Ultimate Hangover Cure

CBD is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include pain relief, reducing anxiety and boosting your energy. All of these are common symptoms of the horrid hangover, making it a potential way to manage your hangover.

CBD for hangover headaches and other pains

The pounding headache is usually what wakes us up in the morning after a little too much alcohol. You just want to sleep it off but you can’t because it is too sharp to ignore.

Arguably, the most common reason people use CBD is to help with everyday pains and aches. This means that CBD could be of use to relieve the headache you experience after a night of drinking.

One study in 2018 supports that CBD and the other beneficial compounds found in cannabis can be used to relieve migraines, headaches and other pains. If you are someone who suffers from bad headaches then using CBD could be a natural way of dealing with them

On top of this, CBD is used to alleviate all sorts of pains. So if you feel stomach cramps, others aches or stiffness because of a hangover, then CBD could be a useful supplement.

CBD for hangover anxiety

We always want to remember good times with friends and family. However, when too much alcohol is consumed these good times might be a little hazy. Memory loss is sometimes a consequence of alcohol consumption.

And quite frequently with memory loss, anxiety follows. Hangover anxiety, or more flowingly named as ‘hangxiety’, is a real issue for many when they wake up the following day. You feel pangs of anxiety as you fear what you did or said the night previously.

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Did you actually drop a glass full of red wine on your friend’s new rug? What embarrassing things did you say to Sophia when you met at the bar? Whether you did it or you are imagining it, the anxiety you feel the next day can be crippling. You may even start avoiding the people you spent the night with, in fear of what might have happened.

Numerous people use CBD to manage stress and anxiety. Although it is not recommended to treat severe anxiety disorders, it could be of great help when confronted with smaller stressors.

‘Hangxiety’ is a perfect example of this as CBD has the potential to manage generalised anxiety and panic attacks. Consuming medication is an effective way to treat anxiety. However, you are not going to be able to get anti-anxiety medicine just for a hangover.

CBD is a supplement that you buy easily. It is not addictive and does not have the same adverse effects as many antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. This makes CBD a worthwhile supplement to have in your cabinet to be used anytime you have ‘hangxiety.’

CBD for focus and energy

Even when we get to bed early, alcohol can affect our sleep making us tired the next day. According to a review, alcohol can disrupt your sleep by making you more restless and you wake up more in the night.

It also disrupts the REM sleep cycle which is the time we dream. This is an essential part of the sleep cycle and if it is disrupted fatigue is almost guaranteed. Lastly, alcohol increases your heart rate during sleep which is not good as your body is supposed to be resting.

Poor sleep leads to low energy levels and can make it difficult to focus the next day. If you have work or you must be productive the day after a few drinks then CBD could be the answer.

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A 2014 review suggests that CBD is potentially effective at boosting wakefulness. A few drops of CBD oil in the morning can make you more alert, so you can start your day more effectively. The hangover does not need to slow you down if you have CBD oil at the ready.

CBD for an upset stomach

As mentioned earlier, alcohol is a poison. Due to this, it puts our digestive system into overdrive. Our liver is put under pressure to break down the alcohol. Our stomach produces excess hydrochloric acid to counteract high alcohol levels.

All this can lead to a particularly sensitive gut. In the worst-case hangover, you may feel nauseous or even vomit to rid yourself of the toxicity of alcohol.

A nauseous stomach can be particularly difficult to deal with when hungover. However, CBD has potential properties to help suppress nausea. CBD has been even used in extreme cases such as suppressing nausea for patients receiving chemotherapy.

CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the digestive system. Serotonin is then produced which potentially suppresses the feeling of nausea. All in all, silencing the rumbles of your stomach so you can have a better day.


CBD is a natural supplement that has numerous potential health benefits. These include possibly helping alleviate some of the most common symptoms of a hangover.

CBD may alleviate headaches, ‘hangxiety,’ and nausea. It can give you energy and focus the following day. Overall, CBD could help with hangovers so you can still have fun at the party and make the most of the next day too. There does not need to be a compromise any longer.

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