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CBD sports drinks dominating the isotonic drinks market

Whether you’re an athlete looking for that extra boost in your performance or you need a kick before starting your morning workday regime; the convenience of pre-packaged isotonic sports drinks is evidenced by its market value, which was approximately $25 billion in 2016.

One addition to sports drinks which is continuing its rise in popularity is cannabidiol. Known for its range of benefits for sports CBD is proving itself to be a hit with athletes and non-athletes who are looking to receive the proposed health benefits that are becoming more prominently reported in the media.

The range of CBD products currently available is vast, with some of them looking more likely to stand the test of time than others. One product that looks like it’s here to stay is the CBD isotonic sports drink, which is beginning to take a foothold in the overall sports drink market.

But, why are they so popular?

Popularity of CBD sports drinks

The energy drinks market is already booming. They usually contain a large amount of caffeine, taurine and sugar which all combine to give you a boost. Recently, the sugar-free energy drink market has been increasing in value as consumers look for healthier alternatives to sugar-laden drinks.

It is this healthier alternative mentality that has propelled CBD sports drinks into the fore. Why just stop at sugar-free alternatives, when we can buy organic, sugar-free drinks infused with CBD and other chemicals which are medically proven to aid certain conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, and cbd helps people suffering with anxiety but also muscle pain CBD is seen as a natural remedy for athletes?

So we now see low-calorie energy drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar and are infused with CBD, B-vitamins, ginger root and green tea as well as a range of other healthy compounds.

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Popular UK CBD Energy Drinks

Endo Sport CBD-infused Energy Drink

Available in two flavours; Orange and Berry & Tropical, both containing 10 mg CBD per 500 ml. Endo Sport energy drinks are designed to help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.

E-Fast CBD Classic

Infused with vitamins, caffeine, and taurine as well as 10 mg of organic CBD per 250 ml of drink. This is a high-quality CBD energy drink used for recovery.

Kill Cliff CBD

A range of two hemp-infused energy drinks, ‘mango tango’ and ‘grape-est of all time’. These recovery drinks contain 25 mg of CBD per 100 ml.

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