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UK service to provide medical cannabis patients with ID cards

Medical Cannabis UK

Has been legal in the UK for a long period but the actual distribution of medical cannabis remain a difficult journey for many. There are 5 main clinics in the UK that prescribe and dispense cannabis and at long last we are starting to see some competition as they compete. Today we look at MedCann who are aiming to make it easier to

a) Walk around with medical cannabis without the fear of police reprisal.

b) Make it easier for pharmacies to dispense cannabis in the comfort that the person is approved for medical cannabis. Fear of red tape and legal action for any wrong move is something all business fear in the age of insurance claims.

MedCannID, a new service from Numeds, aims to provide patients with ID cards.

Numeds, a medical cannabis Products and Services company, is piloting the UK's first medical cannabis patient ID card scheme.

MedCannID cards are valid for one year and made from a flexible plastic. These cards include the patient's photo ID, a unique registration number, and a holographic tamper-proof seal.

This ensures that each unique MedCannID card can be linked to an individual patient.

Patients can also download an accompanying mobile app on their smartphones, to upload relevant information about themselves and their medical cannabis prescriptions. This will allow patients to quickly access a digital copy of their most current prescription.

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Medical cannabis has been prescribed in the UK since November 2018. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of patients who legally consume medical cannabis.

There is a need to provide medical cannabis patients with a form of documentation, to legally identify themselves.

What are the benefits of MedCannID?

The idea surrounding MedCannID is to enable medical cannabis patients to legally identify themselves, removing the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis.

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A MedCannID card will physically confirm that a patient has legally been prescribed medical cannabis.

In other words, medical cannabis patients will be able to safely carry and consume their medical cannabis supply in public. Presenting this card to law enforcement officials can provide security against illegal arrest and detention.

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Additionally, in a medical emergency, a MedCannID card can notify medical personnel of a patient's medical cannabis prescription.

A MedCannID card is free to eligible medical cannabis patients.

Patients who hold a valid UK medical cannabis prescription can begin their MedCannID application process on the MedCannID website, or by downloading the mobile app onto their smartphones.

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