The Extract review and giveaway: EV8Life CBD products

EV8 Life is an independent business based in Scotland, who have been selling handcrafted CBD products since 2012 with the goal of integrating hemp into “every household in the world”

The company’s main ethos is to help people by keeping prices accessible to all price points, and all the products in this review are available for under £20.

With this in mind, we sampled almost every product from the EV8Life line to see if they live up to their promise of producing great quality, affordable CBD products.

Edibles: Lollipops, Lozenges & Gummies

EV8Life say that one of their main business goals was to create CBD products that tasted great, and they certainly succeeded. The EV8 CBD gummies were definitely our favourite product among EV8’s line of edibles, which also includes CBD lollipops and CBD lozenges.

Each gummy heart contains around 2.25 mg of CBD derived from full-spectrum hemp paste, and comes in three flavours – blackcurrant, strawberry and orange. You can buy each flavour individually, or if you simply can’t decide, EV8 also sell a megamix of all three flavours.

These gummies produce benefits including a calming effect quickly (and deliciously). If you can resist the urge to chew on them, you may see a stronger calming effect as more of the CBD enters your bloodstream.

Unfortunately, these gummies aren’t suitable for vegetarians, however, EV8’s CBD lozenges come in the same great flavours and are vegan-friendly. These CBD edible lozenges also come in a sugar-free and gluten-free option.

Ev8Life Hemp Lollipops

EV8’s CBD lollipops contain roughly 6-7 mg of full-spectrum hemp paste and are made in classic sweet shop flavours like banoffee pie, strawberry and toffee.

While we loved the CBD gummies, the lollipops and lozenges will likely offer more bioavailability as they slowly dissolve in your mouth.

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When it comes to cost EV8 definitely deliver on their promise of cheap CBD edibles. Aside from the bumper megamix pack of gummies all these products cost under £15.

Topicals: CBD Serum, Muscle Balm and Massage Oil

EV8 produce a great range of topical CBD products in the UK to purchase in a wide array of formulations, including massage oil, muscle balm and skin serum.

These topicals are particularly helpful for anyone leading an active lifestyle, as well as anyone using CBD for joint and muscle pain.

EV8’s muscle balm is formulated with invigorating ingredients like spearmint oil and ginger root oil to soothe sore muscles. EV8’s muscle balm is available in a variety of options like the warming Lava Body Balm, cooling Arctic Body Balm and a neutral ‘Hembis’ balm.

Hemp Balm

Both balms come in two packaging options, either a glass jar or a handy portable stick. The stick formula would be particularly useful for runners and gym goers to provide you with quick relief when you need it most.

Since the muscle balm is formulated with coconut oil, it can become a little more solid in the glass jar – so the stick formula is easier to apply quickly.

EV8’s Hembis Serum is a much thinner cream formula and is packed with moisturising factors like glycerin and sweet almond oil to keep skin plump and hydrated. This product would be better for treating surface wounds and skin concerns rather than deeper inflammation.

EV8 also sell a line of full-spectrum CBD massage oils which are excellent for unwinding tight muscles. However, since they contain essential oils like eucalyptus oil and orange peel oil, we would not recommend them for intimate use as this could cause irritation.

Self-care: CBD Shower Jelly & Bath Bomb

Of EV8’s two self-care skin products, the CBD bath bombs were the clear winner among the Extract team.

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These CBD bath bombs come in a delectable range of scents like eucalyptus, pear and freesia, fig and cassis, and strawberry bonbon. They are also sold without plastic casing which is a plus if you’re trying to make more sustainable shopping choices.

The lack of plastic casing also makes these bath bombs easy to use for anyone with limited mobility that uses CBD to relieve joint and muscle pain.

While EV8’s shower jelly smelled great (we tried the lavender and lemon scent), it’s pretty tricky to use.

CBD Shower Jelly

Digging a handful of jelly out with your fingers is difficult, so you may need a spoon or scoop handy. Once you release a handful of shower jelly out of the tub, the challenge then becomes how to stop it slipping out of your hands immediately.

While it is not the easiest product to master, the EV8 shower jelly smells great and lathers really well. However, if you have limited mobility you should think about giving this product a miss unless you have someone to help you.

Final thoughts

We would absolutely recommend EV8Life as an affordable CBD brand that still delivers clear results. While some of the products are bigger hits than others, with all products clocking in at £20 and under you can afford to experiment with a few different things and see how you like them.

The giveaway is now closed but check out our review of Hugg CBD review.

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