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Meg Matthews grows her own cannabis to extract CBD oil

Icon of the nineties and ex-wife of one half of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, Meg Matthews is an entrepreneur who grows her own weed. She has become, by her own admission a ‘CBD activist’. She spoke to the media this week about growing her own cannabis to help other women relieve the symptoms of menopause. Matthews revealed that she has got cannabis farms of her own in Ireland and England to extract the CBD oil. is an open source of information and advice founded by Meg and is dedicated to empowering women through an honest and frank discussion of all things menopause. She is such an advocate of CBD having used it successfully to relieve her menopause symptoms that she has created a range of products developed specifically for women. It is called the M blend.

Meg, 53 is hoping to market the products she makes with the legal part of the oil for up to £70 a bottle. She told Sunday People that the seeds do not contain THC – the hallucinogenic compound found in cannabis which makes people “high”. She added that her products are tested and verified against high standards and quality to ensure the concentration of chemicals in them.

CBD Pain Relief

Speaking on the Healthy Beast podcast, Meg said that even though she was taking hormone replacement therapy, she had a lot of anxiety in those heady party days. She noticed a significant change after taking CBD oil only for a while, she had become much calmer and less anxious.

Meg says that the worst kind of anxiety for her is the one without any root cause, which means an anxiety for no reason at all. The one that she was suffering while on menopause was exactly this one – without a root cause – which troubled her more.

CBD gives her calmness from within

After using cannabidiol, back in February Meg says her anxiety levels have dropped to practically zero. She has had it under control and leads a happier and healthier life now. Her family and friends have also noticed the difference in her, she herself admits that she feels a sense of calm from within that she hadn't felt in a long time.

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The CBD oil has helped her treat not just anxiety but also improve her sleep patterns and cure insomnia. She now plans to share her secret with others as well and help them relieve their pain – from menopause to anxiety to joint pains using CBD.

Reduce anxiety

CBD and the consumer market

The laws in the United Kingdom are complicated when it comes to marijuana and CBD usage for the consumer market. Law enforcement officials have been noticing a surge in the demand for cannabis whereas the laws restrict these demands in some way or the other. There has also been a spate of CBD shops shutting after a huge crackdown by police on shops and cafes selling CBD products. Therein lies the dichotomy – demand is surging across an expansive demographic but there isn't a clear regulatory framework for CBD in business

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