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The Gentleman Toker shall toke no more

The Gentleman Toker, a cannabis review site, will shut down this October after the founder, Joe Tierney decided, “I don’t feel good about the industry any longer.”

Mr. Tierney now firmly believes that there is no safe way to consume cannabis, expressing reservations about cannabis edibles and vaping cbd oils .

“I think we’re gonna find out bad things about dabs. I think we’re going to find out bad things about edibles.”

For many years before he became a business owner, Tierney used cannabis to help him deal with his own anxiety and depression. But now he’s not so sure about its efficacy. During a recent road trip across several states that have legalised cannabis, he came to the conclusion that there were some issues that needed to be addressed.

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“Seventy to eighty percent of the products I found were to some degree of flawed, from slightly flawed to ‘Oh my god this is horrible’,” Tierney said. “The industry as a whole doesn’t have a good handle on the health and safety of these products.”

Now that his full-time job of two years, The Gentleman Toker, is finishing the question is ‘What’s next for Joe Tierney?’

“I might take some time to bartend,” he said. “Alcohol isn’t great, but nobody’s pretending it is.”

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