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Uncle Herb closed until further notice

The owners of Uncle Herb have had to close temporarily after being arrested by police on suspicion of importing and distributing a Class B drug.

The owners are planning on fighting what they perceive to be a gross injustice.

“As our loyal and valued customers you will know that this accusation is not true as we only supply non-psychoactive hemp flowers,” Uncle Herb said.

We will fight this injustice and plan to reopen, we know that there are still outstanding orders and we are happy to fulfil those or refund anyone that would prefer that option.”

They are also asking for their customers to send testimonials to build up a picture of the quality company they’ve established.

“We are compiling a defence and welcome customers testimonials confirming that what we sell is not cannabis and explaining why or how we have helped you.”

Uncle Herb is just the latest case in police clampdowns on independent CBD and hemp stores around the UK. Uncle Herb is hoping that they can still sustain their business in the aftermath while operating in a legal grey area.

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