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Top UK pro-cannabis spokesperson arrested

One of Britain’s leading influencers in the pro-cannabis movement was detained by police yesterday, as police continue with an apparent crackdown on lobbyists, businesses and medicinal cannabis users across the country.

Brighton-based Greg De Hoedt, Chairman of United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs is a leading lobbyist in promotion of the creation of policy reform in respect of cannabis regulation.

According to Mr De Hoedt, the police temporarily detained him after a postal worker complained about a package sent to him, but he has since been released.

Motivated after using cannabis to treat illness

De Hoedt also plays a part in advising patients denied legal access to medicinal cannabis as well as routinely assisting those who encounter police intervention.

Group makes legalization claims

There are about 140 cannabis clubs across the UK, and groups routinely meet in warehouses or empty cafes. Their founders argue they are a way for people who already smoke cannabis to find a safer way to access it than from the black market.

De Hoedt set up the UKCSC in 2011 to advise and advocate for change, after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He spent six months in the US after he found that medicinal cannabis alleviated his suffering.

Police heavy-handed

The Home Office recently issued a reminder that recreational possession, cultivation and supply of marijuana remains illegal and that it expected the law to be enforced.

Police car UK

Mr De Hoedt’s detention comes a week after Brighton’s popular CBD-infused food restaurant Canna Kitchen was closed, in response to what was seen as a heavy-handed raid by police.

Ongoing confusion in terms of the legal status of CBD and interpretation by law enforcement has seen legitimate businesses suffer several police interventions across the UK and Ireland in recent weeks, with similar events recorded in New York and northern Europe.

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