Just CBD announced as Presenting Sponsor at World CBD Awards

Just CBD have been announced as the Presenting Sponsor at the World CBD Awards in Barcelona, 12-15 July 2022.

This honour sees Just CBD on the world stage as the company continues to soar. The event, which combines an expo, conference and glittering awards gala, brings together the world’s top CBD producers, manufacturers and retailers. Just CBD is a relatively new company, but has shown the dedication and innovation of an organisation determined to bring high quality, trustworthy CBD products to a global market.

Believing in ‘We Can Do Better’

The Awards were meant to take place in 2020, but had to be postponed due the pandemic. However, the astonishing growth and interest in the CBD industry means the rescheduled event is bigger than ever. As everyone begins to meet again in person, the World CBD Awards offer the perfect opportunity to network with leading figures in the CBD arena and perhaps explore new and exciting collaborations.

It also allows the industry, from the biggest names to the newest start-ups, to acknowledge and recognise the very best. The organisers are focused on the belief that “We Can Do Better” and intend to honour and highlight “the brands that are pioneering these efforts to offer the public the most highly compliant, safe and effective products/services on the market.”

Inspiring the culture

The CBD industry is on a major wave right now, and Just CBD are riding the crest. They are experts in both product manufacture and wholesale/retail global distribution. Their impressive range of CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, edibles, skincare and vape options offer everything the CBD fan could ever need. They even cater for cats and dogs with their JustPets range of CBD oils and treats. The entire Just CBD product range is beautifully packaged using a bright and distinctive design. These products jump off the page and are giving the company well-deserved success.

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A spokesperson for the World CBD Awards says, “We are delighted to have Just CBD as our presenting sponsor, a globally recognised brand that embraces our mantra of “We Can Do Better” – by showing the transparency and quality of their products. The sponsorship agreement shows how far Just CBD has come, and allows them to share their success with the CBD community.

Dedicated to quality

The World CBD Awards are all about celebrating and rewarding the very best in CBD product development, growth and innovation. It serves as a platform for high standards on a global scale, and supports compliance and transparency in the CBD industry.

Just CBD was only established in 2017, but are already ahead in all these categories. Their products are high quality and backed up by third-party lab reports. They have offices in the US and the UK. All their products are made in the USA from American-grown hemp. But more importantly, they started out determined to bring clarity to CBD manufacture and retail.

Being proud of the quality and purity of their products is a foundation of the Just CBD business. They make sure every aspect of the company structure reflects this fundamental belief that the customer deserves complete satisfaction. This naturally starts with the products, which they insist are never misrepresented. But this insistence on high expectations and satisfaction extends to everything from customer service and product information, to supplying shipping information. The rapid rise of Just CBD shows their plans and ethos are working. Furthermore, their prominent role at the World CBD Awards will showcase this to the widest possible audience.

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