The World CBD Awards: everything you should know

After months of anticipation, we finally have a date for the World CBD Awards! The pandemic put paid to any idea that it would take place in April 2021. While the decision to postpone was disappointing for some, the sponsors, speakers, and industry pioneers assure us that the 2022 version will be an unprecedented event.

While CBD businesses the world over endured months of suspense, the World CBD Awards team worked hard to come up with an extraordinary event. From Ralf Kaiser to Hannah Deacon, speakers span industry experts, to business owners with an invested personal interest. With all this to look forward to and more, 2022 looks to be an excellent year for the World CBD Awards.

At The Extract, we want to tell you all about this exclusive event, plus how to nominate that must-have CBD product from your brand.

Why are the World CBD Awards postponed?

Pandemic living isn't easy; it'll take a while before our new normal lapses into our regular way of life. With scientists discovering new variants every so often, the team at the World CBD Awards made the conscious decision to postpone this inimitable event.

Many of us waited with bated breath for the follow up to their 2019 event. However, it quickly became clear that the obvious, responsible decision was to postpone the event. The organisers also quickly established that the change in dates also meant several other changes.

These include a location and venue change, new nomination categories, and an even longer event – spanning four days instead of the previous three.

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When is it postponed to and where will it take place?

The World CBD Awards will now take place from the 12th to the 15th of July, 2022. Originally planned for the 28th of April 2021, this new date gives the organisers a chance to hold a longer, more detailed event. The 2022 version will now span four days, instead of the three planned for 2021.

In addition to this, participants and attendees can expect a change in venue. After experiencing a successful 2019 weekend in Barcelona, we were excited to embark on awards adventures in Paris in 2021. However, after much deliberation, organisers have decided that we should all return to Barcelona for the 2022 awards.

Hosted at the Fira Centre in Barcelona, guests are treated to a truly exceptional venue.

Why you should attend

As its name implies, the World CBD Awards is a completely unique experience. It's where the best minds and businesses from the CBD industry congregate. Based on your tickets, participants can attend a series of networking events, meeting and trading ideas with CBD industry greats.

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The second day features an intensive CBD conference. Listen to speakers detail their personal experiences with CBD, and industry titans explain the ins and outs of CBD businesses. Additionally, the conference features a research panel, comprising several medical professionals. There's no better place to get your CBD-related questions answered.

After the conference, participants prepare for the gala dinner and awards ceremony. With vegetarian and vegan options available, the World CBD Awards is truly the place to be, next July. Plus, it's time to find out whether the best product in your arsenal has made the cut.

With over 20 awards to win, put your best foot forward, and nominate, nominate, and nominate some more!

What sets the World CBD Awards apart from other events?

The committee at the World CBD Awards knows what not to do, when it comes to running a successful CBD event. After encountering awards ceremonies without a distinct judging process and background checks, or ones that leaned heavily on nepotism, the organisers wanted to do things differently. Thus, the World CBD Awards was born – as was their 2022 tagline: We Can Do Better.

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This year’s theme hopes to inspire positive change across the industry. CBD industry giants believe that there is constant room for improvement. Therefore, by embodying this tagline throughout the event, the World CBD Awards makes the move toward a safer, more transparent industry. The organisers also know that change begins with this iconic event.

Because of this, attendees can expect a completely unbiased judging process when they make a nomination. Furthermore, the itinerary at the World CBD Awards is meticulously planned, ensuring the best possible experience for its attendees, sponsors, vendors, and partners. After all, the World CBD Awards wants to work towards a common goal: to bring together and highlight leading CBD businesses, regardless of their size or company’s wealth.

By setting these standards, the World CBD Awards is truly practising what it means for the CBD industry to do better.

What you can expect at the World CBD Awards

At these awards, get ready for four days, packed full of industry insights, networking, and an opulent black-tie experience. Additionally, the World CBD Awards feature up to 30 nomination categories. Winning a category is more than just a title – it's a testament to an iconic CBD product, tried and tested to its limits.

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Plus, the list of 15 sponsors comprises CBD companies from all over the world. With representatives for each company present, pick their brains about your new business idea, or simply connect with them over your shared interest in CBD. But who exactly are these sponsors, and why do they matter?

At The Extract, we've put together a list of some of these big names. As industry titans, they have each played a huge role in creating the CBD industry that we know and love today.

A departure from 2019

Since 2019, the organisers have attended numerous CBD-centric events. These events – along with the first World CBD Awards in 2019 – helped them identify certain issues at B2B expos. Having taken all these aspects into consideration, the B2B Expo at the World CBD Awards is set to return in 2022, even bigger and better than before.

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In 2022, you can expect representation across all industry sectors. These will include finance and investing representatives, manufacturers, vendors, and retail and distribution associates. Furthermore, the 2022 B2B Expo is expanding, encompassing diversity from CBD organisations the world over. By uniting these businesses at one event, the World CBD Awards committee hopes to build bridges and relationships throughout the industry.

The World CBD Awards sponsors are…

A big part of the World CBD Awards is its sponsors. At The Extract, we want to turn the spotlight on them. After all, without the sponsors and their generous support, there wouldn't be any CBD awards to speak of!

You can expect appearances from industry giants like Greenheart CBD, Just CBD, and Innocan Pharma. Rub shoulders with other like-minded CBD businesses, including Strava CBD Coffee, Cannergy, and Cannabrew. While the list doesn’t end here, why not purchase your tickets to find out who else will attend?

Hurry, get those tickets!

If you already have tickets to the 2021 World CBD Awards, then fear not. Your tickets will roll over, and are valid for the 2022 event. However, if you don't have your tickets, it's a great time to sign up.

You can also nominate your products for specific categories in the process, or register to be a sponsor. For all the latest updates on the World CBD Awards in 2022, subscribe to The Extract today!

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