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Profile on Liebe Griebenauw | General Manager of Cibdol

Cibdol, the brand is synonymous with quality. They supply the finest CBD oils on the market. Europeans have trusted this brand since its arrival onto the marketplace. By choosing the best CBD isolate supplier, It promises ‘Swiss purity’ in every product. 100% natural and pure. The company uses a filtration process which renders the CBD a golden colour and independent testing has proved their extract has very high amounts of both CBD and CBG. Their impressive line includes liposomal delivery options for heightened bioavailability. They tick a lot of boxes. The Extract asked Liebe about her business trajectory:

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1. What brought you to this career path?

“Coincidence honestly. I was looking for a small innovative company to grow with, I wanted to take on new adventures and this has definitely not let me down. When I first started we were a small team working hand in hand together from production to sending out packages. My first 3 months in the company I learned how the process worked, this gave me great insight and understanding for the foundation of my knowledge.”

2. When did you first hear about CBD?

“When I applied for the position at Cibdol. I had never heard of CBD, it was also rather new and not yet so popular. I remember telling my mom about this company I interviewed for and what they were doing, her response: “Oh no my daughter is going to be a drug dealer”. Which not only told me that people are not so aware of CBD, but also that there is this taboo surrounding anything related to hemp or cannabis as drugs.”

3. What’s the most interesting thing that has happened since starting at your company?

“The most interesting thing I would say has happened over the last 2 years, is to see the openness to CBD. It has been an amazing experience to be a part of, defying the odds. The industry in Europe wasn’t and to some extent is still not regulated in Europe, however, from the start, my focus was to try to set a standard. By standard I mean that customers should know what they are purchasing, I mean full transparency. We have worked with many member state food safety authorities to make sure we can ensure a level of quality.

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4. What is the most exciting thing about the CBD industry?

“The never knowing what is going to happen next, we become rather flexible in our environment.”

5. What has been your biggest obstacle?

“The Novel Food advice.”

6. Do you use CBD and what for?

“Yes I use CBD, I couldn’t work at a company I didn’t stand behind. My favourite product is the Meladol, it is perfect for when I have trouble sleeping or come back from trips to help ease the jetlag. The melatonin helps me fall asleep, while the CBD allows me to have a deep sleep.”

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7. How do you stand out from the competition?

“Quality and Transparency, our vision has always been that customers deserve the best. CIBDOL wants to market Cannabidiol / Cannabinoid products that actually bring about an improvement in the quality of life in humans and animals. It is important to us that we put “Safe products” on the market that meet all legal requirements.”

8. To what do you attribute your success?

“Our team! We have a great group of people working hard every day to make sure that customers get the highest quality products and service.”

9. What is the one thing you wish you knew before starting a CBD company?

“How hard it is to make people and especially lawmakers see that CBD is a good food supplement, as long as it is regulated in a realistic manner.”

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10. Are you working on any new exciting projects?

“We are always working on new projects, the most important thing is to be able to support our customers with their needs. Our focus in the last few months has been on ensuring that Cibdol can continue to provide customers with the best quality products and service.”

Her biggest advice to start-ups is to have an authentic vision.

“In my opinion, it is important to understand and know why you are starting a CBD business, this means: is it short sided and a fast cash option or a real investment of time and energy because you believe it is a good product? For Cibdol it is the latter, we truly believe in CBD and what it has to offer people and pets. We stand behind quality and transparency, every consumer has the right to know what they are purchasing.”

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Customers are the cornerstone of everything Cidbol do. They are big on testing and analysis and maximizing the effectiveness of CBD. Setting the gold standard with CBD oils and a gold star for providing the most accurate information possible at every juncture They had a good business plan. Simplicity – Transparency – Quality.

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