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Founded in 2016 by Stephen Mueller, Mile High Labs Isolate have worked to become one of the standard setters for the CBD industry. They are a CBD company in it for the long haul, recognizing that these past few years of increased media coverage around CBD is only the beginning. Their aim is to continue the advancement of the industry through innovative techniques and ultimately make pure, high-quality CBD readily accessible for everyone.

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, the company is lead by an experienced team of experts from various industries including, pharmaceutical, medical device, supply chain, as well as, hemp and financial. This gives them a multi-dimensional edge over the competition and brings a level of professionalism to their product which is rarely matched.

They’ve seen their industry really explode in the last few years. At a recent event, we spoke to Chad Levitt, Chief Commercial Officer for Mile High Labs, and he told us how their business has worked to overcome the limitations placed upon the CBD market.

As he pointed out, advertisements for CBD on Google are virtually non-existent, so they’ve had to rely on non-traditional marketing strategies to get their product out there. Because of the relative closed-off nature of the market, they spend a lot of time working through social media to get their product in front of potential customers.

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Mile High Labs have focused much of their attention on CBD isolate. While some companies opt for a full spectrum CBD compared to isolate CBD, the isolate offers a purer source of CBD. CBD isolate consists of CBD molecules in its purest forms with the most minimal of impurities. As Chad Levitt explained it, “It’s so pure we can know that it’s 98% and above, in terms of the testing. People like to have that consistency.”

Mile High labs Isolates

In fact, this transparency is something that they pride themselves on. In a refreshing change of pace, they want to make things as transparent as possible between company and consumer. As they say on their site, while the industry standard might be “+99% potency” they’ve tested thoroughly enough to know that theirs is 98% with minimal amounts of variability. This is what sets them apart from other, more variable brands.

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The Mile High Labs are not going to be resting on their past successes either and they are going to be rolling out a brand new water-soluble CBD isolate product at the end of June. Their teams are working towards making the company the world’s first ISO 9001 compliant cannabinoid extractor. These guys don’t simply follow standards, they set them.

Plus, down the line, they hope to produce a non-detectable THC product that keeps in line with regulations. It’s not in their interests to go against the grain but rather work within the guidelines to educate the consumer, and indeed government bodies, on the benefits of CBD and instigate change that way.

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