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CBD flowers are in full bloom as market spurts

There’s an undeniable market trend in the cannabis industry right now – CBD flowers.

A recently authored report by Markets and Markets stated that the hemp industry will grow by up to 34% in the coming years.

However, not all hemp is created equal.

It’s a noted trend that individual products grow in the hemp industry is often asymmetrical and some products take greater precedence. This couldn’t be clearer than when it comes to smokable CBD buds.

This is by far the fastest-growing sector, simply because it offers its users a host of great benefits.

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Blazing popularity

Smokable CBD is incredibly popular amongst the younger generation. This is because it can be a relaxing way to unwind and untangle anxiety after a long day without fear of becoming ‘baked’ or ‘high’.

Many connoisseurs claim that smoking CBD is relaxing and provides them with a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

Though it should be stressed that none of these products were created to combat diseases or addictions.

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