Stoke-on-Trent’s First CBD Store Opens – CBD Supreme

We at The Extract visited a pioneering new store that has just opened in Stoke-on-Trent specifically for CBD-based products. At first glance upon entering CBD Supreme, located in the former pub ‘The Halfway House’ on Anchor Road, Longton, you would think it follows the standard vape shop set with CBD products. However, you would be mistaken. Like entering Doctor Who’s TARDIS, this place just keeps on providing.

CBD bottle and hemp

It is a local CBD store set up by local people specifically for the local clientele. Simon, the owner/director is a paramedic who noticed within his line of work that more and more people were enquiring about the cannabis-based substance, in part due to CBD’s recent popularity increase in the mainstream media. He stated that he noticed CBD was available in the big chain health stores, but nowhere that was local and independent and therefore saw a gap in the market that CBD Supreme aims to fill. You could say they have begun to pioneer a market within Stoke-on-Trent that will only get bigger from here.

When you first enter CBD Supreme, you instantly notice that lots of time and effort has gone into transforming this building for purpose. The building was originally built in 1888 and instead of covering up any of the Victorian features, they have cleverly worked with them to create a space fit for purpose. Combining materials sourced from local businesses cleverly crafted in conjunction with features such as their Royal Doulton display cabinet. It’s truly a building designed with Stokes history in mind. The homemade candles designed and made by staff member Mike’s wife Samantha are an additional nice touch that shows they are an inspiring young local group of business-minded people.

The ethos of CBD Supreme is to provide a service for the community whilst producing as little waste as possible. The oils are in glass bottles. The balms in metal cases and hessian and paper bags are used to house the products to take-away. The range of products is as should be expected by any top CBD provider. But CBD Supremes brilliance doesn’t stop there.

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Hemp on hessian cloth

At £10 for a 6-month membership or £12 for a 12-month membership, you can have access to CBD Supreme’s members lounge, accessible through the storefront. When you first go through the door to the members lounge you be excused for getting confused as to whether you’ve been ferried over the North Sea and ended up in an Amsterdam style coffee shop. Within this fully ventilated room, you have access to vaporizers, pre-rolls and well as an Xbox or DVD projected onto the wall. They provide Damiana leaf, rizlas and rolling trays for those who wish to smoke inside along with a fine selection of CBD strains.

If that wasn’t enough they also have the ‘smoke shack’ at the back of the building that’s a snug, comfy room fitted with a sound system and is fully ventilated with a rhino-pro carbon filter. This room can be used for both chilling out as well as blasting your favourite tunes. From the smoke shack, you have further access to a huge courtyard at the back of a building that you can imagine would be perfect for relaxing with your CBD strains whilst enjoying a BBQ in the coming summer months. CBD Supreme has not just pioneered a space that is good by the standards of Stoke-on-Trent; it is possibly one of the best CBD suppliers in the UK and is worth a visit wherever you’re from.

Middle-aged women and CBD

Surprisingly, the clientele visiting CBD Supreme is not quite what you’d think for a cannabis-based health store. It’s not just the young, left-leaning liberal that has taken an interest in this place. They have served middle-aged and seemingly wealthy couples; young people looking to reduce their THC consumption and within their first few months already have a wide demographic signed up as members. Director Simon stated that CBD Supreme has aims bigger than just the one store, and with the tasteful way in which this store has been set-up you’d be surprised if his enterprise ends here.

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Michael Quinn

Michael is a 27-year-old Chemistry graduate from Stoke-on-Trent, England. When he’s not writing he’s travelling to music venues across the country with his sound-system

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